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From Sydney Confidential

September 14, 2005

BEAU Brady has clearly picked up some speed dating techniques from his ex-girlfriend, Bec Hewitt.

It's only been 10 months since the former Home and Away star was dumped for Lleyton Hewitt by his longtime love, the then Bec Cartwright, but Brady hasn't let a little thing like a broken heart prevent him from wooing a bevy of TV talent.

Up until a month ago the actor was dating Saturday Disney host Shae Brewster, but before anyone could utter the word "rebound", Brady moved on to former Neighbours star Natalie Blair.

Holding hands and smiling for the cameras, the couple attended the Dukes of Hazzard premiere in what became their first public outing together on Monday night.

But Confidential can't help but feel sorry for Brewster, who was none the wiser when we contacted her last month after hearing that Brady was pulling the moves on Blair, his co-star in the film Voodoo Island Lagoon.

The ex-soapie stars have been on the Gold Coast filming the horror flick, and things clearly got a little steamy on set.

Stay tuned for the next Brady babe instalment.

For exclusive pics of Beau with his new squeeze, see today's The Daily Telegraph.

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Oh well good on him.I mean it takes 2 to tango so Natalie obviously had a part in it as well,she also had another partner.This come out sounding wrong,i hope you know what i mean,lol.The it's only been 10 months thing is a bit odd.I mean Bec is already married and pregnant,he's entitled to move on and not stay heartbroken forever,Bec's not that great.

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