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Tammin in Sneak Magazine

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Tammin Sursok reveals why she's ditched Summer Bay in a bid for chart sucsess!

Tammin were you sad to leave Home and Away?

Definitely. i was there for four and a half years. I'll miss Bec Cartwright [hayley] and the biggest jokers on set Dan Collopy [josh] and chris egan [Nick]. they once put dead frogs in my bed

Ugh! So, are you excited to be moving into music?

I've been doing music for as long as i've been acting so it's the next step. Having thousand of people come to watch me is the most incredible feeling.

Is it true you were offered a record deal at 17?

Yes but back then i didn't know what i wanted to do musically. if i'd gone with it, i would've been packaged and sold, and probably long gone by now.

Your music is a bit rocky - what's the most rock 'n' roll thing you've done?

My band member got arrested for knocking on shop windows after a night out. the police arrested him for being a public nuisance and we had to pay $200 bail!

are you a pop fan?

I'm the first to admit i song along to Britney Spears songs - but i really love bands like foo fighter, feeder and singers like John Legend. i've got a very wide taste!

Whose your Style Icon?

Kate Moss - she's awesome. She finds these one-off pieces that are edgy and i love that.

How do you stay in shape?

I like to go running or do yoga. Its hard to find time though - I've worked harder in the last eight months than i ever have. so when i can, i do.

Have you learnt any British slang?

I've said a few thing like 'Know what i mean?' 'horrid' and 'sneaky'

Do you like it over here?

I find that if somebody likes you, they'll say so in the UK, rather than think it's cool not to. And thats a good thing. I love it here!.

Tammin's single, pointless Relationship is out now.

I thought i should make my first post decent!


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