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The Long Lost Hunter

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Beth put's down the phone in a face of shock as Scott enter's the Hunter house Living area

Scott - Mum , what is it ? , what's wrong ?

Beth - That was Joanne on the phone , there's been an accident

At the diner Scott tell's Hayley & Robbie the new's

Robbie - What should we do , should we go see Mum , Is she ok

Scott - She's fine , she's just a bit shaken up , Linda was her best friend before the affair with Dad , I know she never forgave her for that but . .

Robbie - What happen's to you know who?

Hayley - Who are you talking about?

At the highschool office Beth is talking to Barry about her situation

Barry - How do you feel about this ?

Beth - Well it's not his fault and now his mother is dead and there is nobody to look after him , Joanne is too old to be raising children at her age , I dont want him to go into care , I want him to be around his family

Back at the Hunter house there is a family meeting in progress

Scott - You want him to come and live here , with us

Beth - Well it's not the best situation but he is your brother

Matilda - Half , Brother , who we havent seen since Dad died

Henry - Im not sharing my room with him , he's the reason why you & Dad broke up in the first place

Beth - Now that's not fair , he didnt ask to be born , he was the result of your father's affair with Linda , and he's not the reason why your father and I broke up

Beth is on the phone

Beth - He can stay here , it's what Linda & Jack would have wanted

Joanne - I cant ask that of you

Beth - Your not asking , Im offering

Joanne - Is there room?

Beth - There's plenty of room , he can share with Henry

Henry over hear's this

Henry - Over my dead body !

Beth - Now that's enough , he has just lost his mother can you show a bit of compassion , he must be feeling so alone right now and all's your worried about is having to share a bedroom

Henry goes into his bedroom and start's to rearrange his furniture out of guilt

Scott is telling Hayley about the situation

Hayley - He must be so affraid , that poor boy

Scott - well it look's like we're going to be looking after him now and im sure mum will do her best to make him feel welcome

Beth speak's to Barry at the Diner and speak's about a place at the school

Beth - Do you think that would be ok

Barry - There's no problem Mr's Hunter , he can start attending Summer Bay High the day after he arrive's

The next morning at the school office Barry is filling out an enrollment form for a Troy Hunter

Robbie is talking to Scott on the Blacstock

Robbie - How do you feel about him coming to live here ?

Scott - It doesnt really affect me , he's our brother this is where he belong's

Robbie - So your going to collect him today ?

Scott - Around Noon-ish

Robbie - Does mum have every thing ready for him

Scott - Look's like , he's going to be sharing Henry's room , there the same age im sure they'll be fine in time

At the Diner Matilda is telling Ric & Cassie about her new brother coming to live in Summer Bay

Ric - This is crazy , how long have you known about him for ?

Matilda - I only found out about all of this when Dad got sick , but Mum , Scott & Kit have known about it all since he was born

Cassie - What's he like ?

Matilda - I dont really know him that well to be honest but in look's he has blonde hair and Scott's face

Cassie - Sound's cute

Scott drives up outside a house in the city and get's out of the car

Joanne open's the door to Scott and let's him in

Joanne - I was surprised your mother has agreed to this

Scott - My mother is a good women

Joanne - Troy's a little upset this morning , but he's looking forward to living in Summer Bay he's heard so much about it from Josh West , would you like some tea?

Troy enter's the room to see Scott & his gran mother drinking herbal tea on her couch's

Scott - How are you doing ?

Troy - Good , thank you

Scott - Are all of your thing's ready

Joanne - Almost Scott , sorry to keep you waiting dear

Scott - That's quite ok giving the circumstance's

Scott slam's the boot of the car closed and get's into the driving seat after telling Joanne to take care , Troy hug's his granmother and say's thank you for having him this long , Troy get's into the car and him & Scott drive away

Beth is on the phone to Joanne and hear's a car pull up outside

Beth - Oh that must be them now , Ill have to go Joanne it was nice speaking to you again

Joanne - You too dear take care

Scott open's the front door holding one of Troy's bag's , Beth walk's over to greet Troy

Beth - How are you holding up hunni

Troy - Im doing ok , thank you for taking me in like this you didnt have to

Beth - Your are family now and that mean's we do

Beth hug's Troy and kisses him on the cheek , Henry & Matilda enter the room and come over to say hello

Matilda - Hey how are you

Matilda hug's Troy

Troy - Im doing ok thank's

Henry - Welcome to Summer Bay your going to love it

Troy smile's and Henry put's on a fake smile

The Hunter family are having dinner inculding Hayley & Tasha & Kim

Hayley - How are you finding thing's in the Bay Troy

Troy - Well I havent really had a chance to have a look around properly but im sure im going to love it

Matilda - I could show you around if you like

Troy - yeh that'd be great thank's

Robbie - What do you like to do Troy

Troy - I like tennis and surfing and sometime's football

Kim - I could go surfing with you one day if you'd like

Troy - Yeh that sound's cool

Robbie get's up to clear the plate's

The Next morning Matilda take's Troy into the Diner to meet her friend's

Ric - Hey how do you do

Cassie - Hi

Emma - Helllllo

Ric , Cassie & Matilda talk to themselves in the corner booth while Emma flirt's with Troy , Troy & Emma leave the diner together after saying See you at home to Matilda , the other's look on in disbelief as the couple leave

On the road side Tasha is walking over to meet Robbie when Irene call's her back , Tasha' turn's around to see a car coming at her , the car hit's Tasha and drive's off as Robbie & Irene run to her aid


Tasha is in a hospital bed

The police have no lead's on who the hit & run driver was

Troy & Henry come head to head

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Beth - Your family now and that mean's we do

Henry - He's not sharing a room with me

Tasha step's into the road and is hit by a car

Troy is added to the credit's in the shot with Ric , Matilda & Cassie

At the accident scene Robbie & Irene run to an unconcious Tasha's ade

Irene is on the phone to the operator

Irene - Just hurry will you

Robbie - Tasha , Tash , wake up

At the Hunter house Scott put's the phone down and tell's Beth & the kid's what has happened

At the hospital the Hunter's arrive to the waiting room followed shortly a few secnds after by Josie Russel , Scott leave's the room as Josie sit's down

Josie - Scott come back , Beth how is she what's happening

Beth - I dont really know what to say Josie

Robbie walk's into the waiting room

Robbie - Mum , they think she may have sufffered sevire spinal injuries and she might not make it

Robbie break's down in his mother's arm's

Josie start's to cry and walk's out of the room

Troy , Henry , Matilda & Emma enter the main corridor at the highschool for Troy's first day

Matilda - So what do you think ?

Troy - It's ok

Sally walk's over

Sally - You must be Troy Hunter , is that right ?

Troy - Yes

Sally - Well Im Ms Fletcher but outside of school you can call me Sally and it look's like your going to be with me this morning

Sally's Classroom

Sally - So what did the author mean by this ?

Troy put's his hand up at the same time as Henry

Sally - Troy ?

Troy - He mean's by this that he doesnt think it's fair for one man to suffer because of another man's mistake

Henry - He mean's he doesnt want another man to get in his way

Sally look's on in a thinking face

Troy , Matilda & Henry come home to an empty house with a note on the refrigerator saying " There's been an accident were at the hospital , get your dinner at the diner love mum x"

Henry - What sort of accident

Matilda - Let's get down there

Henry & Matilda walk out of the room and Troy follow's a few second's later

At the waiting room Beth is talking to a distressed Josie

Beth - Tasha will be fine

Josie whipes a tear from her eye

Josie - Beth I think there is something you should know

At this point Troy , Henry & Matilda arrive to see what is going on

Matilda - Mum what's happened

Beth - Tasha has been ran over

Matilda - Oh my god

Beth - Kid's me & Josie are going to get some coffe we'll be back soon , can one of you call Kim

At the coffe machine Beth hand's Josie a cup of coffe

Beth - So what do you think I should know

Josie - It's about Hayley's baby

Beth - What about it

Josie - It's not Kim's baby

Beth look's shocked

Beth - You mean it's Scott's baby , how do you know this , does anybody else know

Josie - I got the result's threw my door the day I left

Beth - Who were they from

Josie - That's the thing I dont know

Beth - Could this have been something done by the Stalker

Josie - Maybe but dont you think there should be another test

Beth - Ill have to talk to Scott about this , this baby was the reason why he & Hayley broke up if it turn's out it's his baby their breakup will have all of been for nothing

Beth walk's into the Hunter house to see only Scott on the couch

Scott - I got your text what's wrong

Beth - I spoke to Josie today

Scott - and

Beth - She think' s that your the father of Hayley's baby

*End of episode*


Scott & Josie are talking on the beach

Scott - Your a liar

Josie - Scott it's the truth

Tasha wake's up from her comba

Troy & Henry fight at the Diner

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Part 3

At the hospital Tasha wake's up from her comba Robbie enter's the room after obtaining permission from Flynn

Robbie : How are you feeling

Tasha : Terrible

Robbie : Just rest

Tasha : What happened

Robbie : You where hit by a car

Tasha : What car who was driving

Robbie : Nobody know's and nobody has come forward with any information

Tasha : Why would somebody do a thing like that

Robbie : It must have been an accident

Tasha closes her eye's and goes back to sleep , Robbie kisses her on the cheek before he leaves

Back at the Hunter house Beth is telling Scott what Josie told her

Scott : Why would she think that?

Beth : Some result's were given to her by mistake or something she thin's there should be another paternity test

Scott : This could change everything , if its not one of Josie's trick's

At Noah's Hayley & Kim are talking about name for their unborn child

Hayley : Ok what about if it's a boy we call him David

Kim : What about Seb

Hayley : Nooo too the little mermaid

Kim : What about Noah

Hayley look's at Kim speechlessly and start's to cry with tear's of joy

Hayley : Are you serious

Kim : Yeh very , I know how much he meant to you and he meant a lot to me too this is the perfect way to pay tribute to him

Hayley kisses Kim

Josie walk's out of Tasha's room to see Scott standing there infuriated

Josie : Let's take this outside

Josie lead's Scott outside of the hospital and along the beach

Josie : Do you remember the day I left Summer Bay ?

Scott : Ofcourse

Josie : That day I gave you a brown envelope i take it you didnt open it

Scott : I disguarded it as rubbish like everything else that come's out of your mouth

Josie : Well inside that piece of rubbish was a copy of the paternity test's

Scott : But we already done the paternity test's they proved that Kim was the father

Josie : Well the copy I had proved that you were the father and that's what I tried to tell you that day . .

Scott : What were you doing with a set of test's in the first place

Josie : I came home that day and there they were just outside my door

Scott : Your a liar

Josie : Scott it's the truth

Scott : Your a lying , manipulative , little bitch

Josie slap's Scott and walks back to the hospital in tear's

Kim & Hayley are at the sonogram

Hayley : Can you tell the sex of the baby just threw that picture

Nurse : Yes at this stage of the preganancy it's fairly clear , would you like to know the sex of the baby

Hayley look's at Kim & Kim give's her a look as if to say it's up to you , Hayley smiles

Hayley : Yes we do

Hayley grab's Kim's hand

Josie walk's into the hospital in tear's to be greeted by an anxious Irene , Irene combfort's Josie they both look in on Tasha and sniff in a state

At the beach house infront of Barry , Irene , Robbie , Josie & Leah , Kim & Hayley have big new's

Kim : Were having a boy

Irene get's up to hug the happy couple as does Leah & Barry & Robbie

Irene : rrrr that's great new's love's

Barry shake's Kim's hand and tells him how proud he is

Leah hug's Hayley and says she's so made up for them

Hayley : That's not all we have to tell you guy's

Kim : Well since it's a boy weve decided to name the baby .

Hayley : Noah , it was an equal decision mainly suggested by Kim

Irene's face is in shock and Leah's jaw drops

Irene : Thats the nicest thing anybody could do

Irene get's a tear in her eye as does Leah and Josie & even Robbie , Barry smile's at his son

Scott walk's into Flynn's office

Flynn : Good day mate ow can I help you

Scott : It's about the baby

Flynn : Kim & Hayley's baby ?

Scott : I want another paternity test

*End of Episode*


Hayley goes into labour

Flynn hand's the result's in a sealed envelope to Scott

Troy & Henry fight on top of a cliff resulting in both of them falling into the water with Matilda & Cassie looking on in fear

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