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Monday 5 September 2005 - Episode # 4041

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Battle Of The (Hunter) Sexes !!!â€

Jack & Martha are walk & talking on the beach. Both are being very playful – swept up in their new relationship.

Later, Martha arrived at the holden house. She sees that jack has arranged a nice candlelit dinner for 2. Martha however isn’t so keen when jack tells her that they’ll be dining on things like pig shouts – but he's joking, ie its’ just dim sims. Jack can’t believe that Martha took him so seriously (esp. given their history).

After diner, Martha & jack go for a romantic moonlight walk – and they can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to open the door to re-enter the holden house (before they continue with the hugging & kissing).

Alf & Beth discuss the dire financial situation of Noah’s. Beth thinks that they should ditch the pre-prepared meals she introduced a couple of months ago, but Robbie gives Beth & alf a great idea. Robbie says that he’d spend more time (and money) there if Tash could accompany him at night. Alf & Beth decides to allow minors into the bar at night – if they are accompanied by an adult.

Amanda is V grateful to Robbie & Tash for letting her & Scott stay at their place.

When Robbie tells Beth that he & Tash have invited Amanda & Scott to live at their flat. Beth is muchly against this – but Robbie doesn’t back down for the decision – despite Beth’s concerns.

Beth is LIVID, so she charges over to the flat. Amanda answers the door – and Beth in is full confrontation mode. Things get more heated when Beth barges into the flat, and discovers that Amanda is getting about in her underwear (just covered by a shirt. Beth isn’t listening when Amanda says that she just got out of the shower. Scott then enters the room (dressed only in a towel). Beth leaves the flat in disgust.

Amanda goes to the bar, and confronts Beth – who isn’t in the mood to listen to listen to anything that Amanda has to say. As Amanda exits, she all but collides with Hyde.

Beth then talks to Hyde about Amanda living with (students) Robbie & Tash. Hyde counters this by saying there’s nothing official that says that Amanda can’t – and he cities himself living in same house as Tash in the past, AND Ric & Cassie with sally as an example. Beth joyfully raises her eyebrow when Hyde mentions that Beth can, of course, make an official complaint.

Soon after, Amanda charges into Noah’s. She can’t believe that Beth has made an official complaint against her. Amanda tells Beth that she’s messing with the wrong woman - whilst Kit makes it clear that she’s on Beth’s side (against Amanda).

Kimmy tells Irene that he’s really glad that hayley will be coming out of hospital today. Irene is sceptical; when kimmy asks her if she can’t stay away for the beach house for a while tonight – but she’s totally cool with the idea when kimmy says that he is going to propose to hayley tonight.

When kimmy & hayley arrive at the beach house, Hayley’s keen for any kind of food – after weeks of the dross served at the hospital. Kimmy suggests pizza – and Hayley thoroughly enjoys it, although kimmy is rather intrigued when hayley says that the pizza is “heaven in a boxâ€.

Kimmy is keen to for him & hayley to have dessert, but it takes him some time to convince hayley (who’s quite full after the pizza).

When kimmy goes to the kitchen to put the ice cream (Hayley’s fave) into bowls, he buries Hayley’s engagement ruing amongst her serve of ice cream.

Kimmy gets quite concerned that hayley doesn’t find the ring – he even leaves the room (to go to kitchen to get ice cream toping) so hayley can get a bigger surprised when she finds it.

Kimmy is more concerned when hayley says that she just can’t finish her serve of ice cream. Hayley is intrigued when kimmy garbs her bowl. Things get worse for kimmy when hayley tells him that she put a fair bit of her ice cream into his bowl (which she’s just rinsed at the sink). Kimmy rushes to the kitchen – he is distraught, as the ring must have gone down the sink. Hayley can’t understand why kimmy is so frantic. She soon discovers, when kimmy removes the S bend under the sink – and the ring falls onto the floor. Kimmy picks up the ring – and ask hayley to marry him (end of ep)


Hayley says yes to kimmy - but is she marrying the wrong man? and Amanda uses Kit’s Achilles heel (alcohol) against her

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