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Friday 2 September 2005 - Episode # 4040

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Fearless Martha !!!â€

Dan forces Amanda to tell him EVERYTHING. Amanda tells Dan that her agent showed her contracts saying that she'd scored lots of roles, so Amanda started spending like the star she thought she was. Her agent then TOTALLY "took the money & ran". This lefty Amanda with a massive debt with the banks, both in US and Australia. Amanda tells Dan that she came back to Australia to get a job and try to sort out her financial woes. Dan offers Amanda some money ($100) to tide her over to the next payday. Amanda initially declines but Dan insists.

The approaching Scott (who has discovered that Amanda ISN"T staying at the resort) sees the exchange of money. When dan is gone, Scott approaches Amanda, he tells her that he knows about the resort - so she admits to not having a place to stay at present. Scott tells Amanda that he has the answer.

Soon after they arrive at the hunter house. Amanda is unsure about staying here, given Beth’s reaction to her. Scott insists that it’s his house to etc.

Soon after, beth arives home - and is shocked when Scott tells her that he's invited Amanda to stay with them. This leads to BIG fight between Scott & Beth. Scott can't believe that Beth is basing all her hated of Amanda on a hunch that she has, whilst bath can't believe just how "blinded" by Amanda that Scott is. Scott decides that he's had enough. If Amanda can't stay at the hunter house, then he's not staying there either (Scott is packing his things whilst arguing with Beth).

Scott tells Amanda that he's found them both a place to stay - and we're all "shocked" (NOT) when Amanda & Scott begin moving their things into Robbie & kasha’s flat.

Later, Scott & Amanda are talking & walking. When Scott bails, Amanda gets a text message - it says "I got the money - but I want the rest soon .... Say hi to my friends in summer bay (note 1 - this, along with spoiler on BTTB, makes me think that Amanda owes the money to none other than POSH JOSH West !!!!!!! note 2 - end of ep)

After Tony drives Jack home from hospital, Jack continues to be V annoyed at how childish Martha was (with the spider prank).

After Martha is told that jack is out of hospital, she goes over to see him - with a hastily wrapped present. When Martha arrives at Holden house, jack doesn’t want to know why she three - as, in jack's mind, Martha is only there to ease her own conscious. Martha exits, but she leaves the present there for jack.

Soon after, Tony encounters a crying Martha on the beach. Martha tells him that she went to see jack because she has feeling for him (not because she was looking for his forgiveness etc).

When Tony gets home, he tells jack about his encounter with Martha. Jack says that he doesn’t care about Martha - but Tony, for the 2-nd time in a few days, tells one of her kids not to "cut of their nose to spite their face" (he said this to Luke about tilly recently). What jack said obviously made jack think, because he then opened the present that Martha gave him - it's the black pool ball (mems of Martha’s nude run).

Jack finds Martha at the beach. They talk about various things. Martha admits that she has a fear of heights. Jack tells Martha that he not sure that he can ever forget what she did to him (with the spider).

Martha isn't prepared to give up so easily - so tells jack that she do anything to get bad into his good books.

Soon after, jack leads Martha to a cliff. He wants Martha to jump off the cliff into the ocean below. Martha & jack talks for a bit - and jack accuses Martha of way stalling. Martha says that she is merely psyching herself up for the jump. Martha then makes sure she's got up long run up before she reaches the cliff edge. Martha begins to run to wards the cliff edge - you can see from the expression on her face that she is petrified. As she approaches the edge, jack catches her. She’s annoyed that he did - now she has to psych herself up again.

Martha begins another anguished run to the cliff edge. Jack stops her again. He can't believe she would jump of just to get back in his good books.

Martha is concerned when jack says he has another challenge for her. He then kisses her - and she kisses him back.


Next week, there’s more Amanda Vs Beth, Jack/Martha get closer, but are Hayley/Kimmy falling apart?

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