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Just A Memory

Guest pamy

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i wrote this story and i wanted to know what people thought of it. it's a crossover with charmed.

Chapter 1: just a memory

It’s raining, but the sun is shining. There’s a rainbow visible in the sky.

Days have passed since that horrible day. But now everything is at peace again.

The four musketeers and Dylan are in the cemetery. Jade and Nick are together, Seb is standing alone, Kirsty stands next to Dylan. The funeral was yesterday, but there were so many people. They wanted to come alone. Jade is crying in Nick’s arms, Seb has tears running down his cheeks, Dylan and Kirsty are the only 2 that are not crying. Suddenly Jade turns around and runs away. Nick goes after her, leaving Seb and Dylan alone, to remember that horrible night.

‘Promise me you won’t hurt anyone!’ ‘I can’t’

‘Let us go please’ ‘don’t hurt me’

‘nooooo!!’ 2 gunshots

Suddenly Dylan also gets tears in his eyes. Close up on the gravestone.

Kirsty Sutherland

A name, a memory. Everything that’s left from a human life. White flowers , who will die soon, are lying on the grave.

Seb looks at the gravestone, then looks at Dylan. Wanting to tell him he’ll go ask him if he’ll be ok. But he realizes he’ll never be ok again. He puts his hand on Dylan’s shoulder. Then he turns around and walks away. Having nowhere to go to.

Silence. Now he’s standing in front of her grave. All alone. Kirsty wants to comfort him, but he can’t see her. He looks at her grave, thinking: ‘what am I doing here? My Kirsty is gone forever.’

Suddenly he feels somebody appear behind him. He turns around and there stand Piper, Phoebe and Paige.

‘Why are you here?’

‘She’s not gone. She’s finally at peace.’ Phoebe looks at him feeling sorry.

‘She’s dead!’

‘We know but…’

‘Where were you when she needed you? You could have saved her.â€

‘No nobody could have saved her. The sooner you understand that the better.’

‘She got shot! Angie, my mom. Just shot her, she just killed her, without thinking …’

‘What this would do to you? It’s not your fault, it’s nobody’s fault.’ Said Paige

‘Shut up!!! You don’t understand, you don’t know…’ he stops not knowing what he wanted to say.

‘We can only say don’t mourn. Nothing ever dies. The body goes but the spirit stays.’ She looks at Kirsty ‘Kirsty is complete now. Good and evil, together and in peace.’ She looks at Dylan knowing what he feels. She felt it after Prue died.

Dylan knows piper is jut trying to help, but right now he doesn’t want her help. He knows she’s telling the truth but right now he doesn’t want to believe her. Piper looks at him realizing she can’t do anything anymore. Not right now. She looks at Kirsty’s grave and looks at the flower in her hand. She puts it next to the other flowers. Then she walks back to her sisters. They orb out in white lights.

Dylan looks at the gravestone, then he shakes his head and whips the tears of his face. He ducks and kisses the gravestone.

‘I’ll always love you.’

Then he leaves to. Kirsty stays there looking at her own grave. Not wanting to go. It wasn’t fair, why did this happen. She was just a kid, she didn’t deserve to die. She turns around and looks at Dylan.

Dylan feels somebody is looking at him. He turns around and looks at the gravestone and next to it stands…Kirsty. He can’t believe it. She smiles at him and puts her hand up, to say goodbye to him. Dylan closes his eyes and opens them again. Kirsty’s gone now. A dream it was just a dream. Or was it really Kirsty, come back to say goodbye to him?

He walks of the cemetery and walks to the beach. Remembering Kirsty. What had happened, how she died. Remembering how they met. So many memories. He remembered Kirsty on the beach, Kirsty smiling, Kirsty doing anything.

Because that’s all she is now. Just a memory.

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ok i have ideas for the next three chapters but i have one problem since this is a crossover with charmed i can bring kirsty back, so my question is schould i bring kirsty back (as a whitelighter) or schould i let dylan move on?

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here's the next chapter. Sorry it took so long.

Chapter 2: Memories & questions

It was night. Everbody in Summer Bay was sleeping or at least trying to. Alf was the only one who was awake. He was walking on the beach, on his way to the diner. He checked the beach to see if everything was alright. He looked around and believing there was nobody there he leffed. But there was somebody, Alf didn’t see her he couldn’t have seen her, bu there on the beach Kirsty was sitting, looking to the ocean. Tears in her eyes, wondering why she was still there, why she hadn’t moved on jet. Ans remembering.

She rememberd how they exposed Angie. She rememberd, she had met Seb the next day, when he broke up with her so she could be with Dylan. She remembered making up with dylan. Oh Dylan, oh dylan. Why, why now? Just when everything was so good. She remebered the day she and dylan met Piper, Phoebe and Paige. How they saw magic was real.

‘We’re witches and that was a demon.’ ‘He’s a guardian angel.’ ‘if you ever need help just scream out there names, we’ll save you.’

Why, why hadn’t they come in time to save her?

Acros town in the caravan park Dylan wasn’t sleeping either. He was sitting on his bed remembering how he got to Angie’s house.

‘Angie what are you doing?’ ‘They’ll pay, they’ll all pay. For taking away my son, for ruining my career.’ She picked up a gun. ‘Angie’ ‘Get out of the way Dylan.’ ‘NO!’ ‘I mean it. ‘ ‘Promise me you won’t hurt anyone.’ ‘I can’t.’ ‘Please?’ ‘Fine, I promise I won’t hurt Dani or Max, Now get out of my way.’ She knocks Dylan on his head with the gun, he falls on the floor. Unconcius.

Dani and Max were in the kiosk. Seb & Nick were surfing. Kirsty was at the house, with Jade. Rhys was in the city. Angie walked in the caravan park, holidng Kirsty & Jade there. ‘Let us go please.’ ‘you really think I’m going to do that.’ Meanwhile Dylan woke up reallizing his mother would hurt sombody he loved. He ran to the caravan park. Meanwhle kirsty was beggin ‘Please don’t hurt me.’ ‘why not?’ Jade had almost gotten to the door when Dylan enterd. Angie pointed her gun at Kirsty and shot twice. Jade screamed: ‘Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!’ Angie runs out, jade followed her in search for sombody to help. Dylan ran to Kirsty, he ducked beside her. ‘Kirsty,Kirsty please?’ ‘Hey.’ She smiled. ‘Hold on, help is coming.’ ‘It’s to late. I love you.’ Then she closed her eyes. ‘NO,no kirsty don’t die. Please don’t die.’ Suddenly he remembered something Paige had said. Desperetly he started screaming. ‘Piper!Phoebe! Paige! Leo! Sombody please, help me!’ but nobody came. It was to late...

Tears run down his face. Dylan lies down on his bed, and closes his eyes in an attemp to sleep. On the beach Kirsty is still looking at the ocean. Piper, Phoebe and Paige orb in behind her. ‘I don’t understand why am i still here?’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I’m dead, schouldn’t I move on to the afterlife.’ ‘Normally.’ ‘What?’ ‘Well some people stay behind because they have something to do. Something to finisth.’ ‘Think about that.’ Kirsty stays there looking at the ocean.

The sun came back up. In the caravan park everyone was aweke. Jade was sitting at the kitchen table writting in her diary. Dani was making breakfast, Max was on the computer, Rhys had left really early to the kiosk. Dylan came down, everyone said ‘Hey.’ But it wasn’t the same. Because Kirsty wasn’t there. What they didn’t knew was that Kirsty was sitting there, next to Jade. She could see everything, but nobody could see her. After all she was dead.

Hours later. Dylan was on the cementery. Visiting Kirsty’s grave. He had been there every day since she died. Dylan felt so guilty, if he had just tried hareder to stop her, if he just had.... Why, why? Kirsty was sitting next to him. She was thinking of something tot do something to say, to make him feel better. But she couldn’t think of anything. It didn’t matter, whatever she would do. Whatever she’d say, it wouldn’t make a difference. He couldn’t see or hear her. For him she wasn’t there, togetherthey stayed there, just like they would have been if Angie hadn’t... Sombody that saw them sitting there would have believed that Dylan was sitting there alone. But he wasn’t Kirsty was there on his side. All the time.

Jade was with Nick & Seb on the beach. Max was with Caitlin. Flyn was with Jesse in the gym. Rhys & Dani were working in the kiosk. Dylan was wondering around, looking for somebody to talk to, he couldn’t think of anyone. Flyn, maybe, no he couldn’t talk to Flyn. He would think he’s crazy. Maybe Alf... Alf would believe him. No talking to Alf would be so weird. He kept wondering around. Thinking.

‘Hey,Dylan buddy.’ He looked up, he was standing next to Scott. He hadn’t realized he had walked this way. ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m...’ he wanted to say fine but he couldn’t. Scott looked at him and said ‘You wanne give me a hand with this?’ ‘Sure.’ They started to work, they stopped when it was noon. They were eating, looking at the ocean. Dylan looked at Scott opend his mouth to ask him something, changed his mind and looked back at the ocean. He has been doing this for 30 minuts. Scott has noticed but he doesn’t say a thing. He’s waiting for Dylan to say someting.

‘Scott can I ask you a question?’

‘Go ahead.’ ‘No forget it.’ ‘No, come on what?’

‘You’ll think I’m crazy.’ ‘No, I won’t. What?’

‘Do you believe in Ghosts?’ ‘Why?’

‘I can’t, you’ll really think that i’m crazy.’

‘Try me.’ ‘ You know that Jade, Seb & Nick went to the cementery. When I left and i turned around one more time I saw Kirsty standing next to her grave. She smiled at me and she waved. You think I’m crazy now, right?’ Silence. After a while Scott answers ‘Yess.’ ‘What?’ ‘Not about the crazy thing. Your question, you asked me if i believe in ghost. Yes I do.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Not the ones they talk about in books, not the ones that haunt people. But I do believe when people die, and they didn’t had a change to say goodbye. They come back to say goodbye to there loved once.’ ‘So you believe me.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because when I left to go to college, and I came back one day and I passed the fields. I saw my father, he looked at me and he waved. But when i got back to my hous. My mom was waiting for me to tell me that my dad had died a couple of hours before i saw him. So yes I believe you.’ He smiles at Dylan stands up and walks away. Dylan looks at the ocean, and for the first time since Kirsty died he smiled.

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