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Monday 22 August 2005 - Episode # 4031

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Where NOT To Hide Your Spare House Keys !!!â€

OPENING CREDITS - Ella Scott Lynch, before she’s been on screen, is now featured. Ella’s Hayley (complete with RED hair) is with Kimmy & Scott. Their actions are slightly different for the old credits shot with Bec as Hayley

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy is waiting on the phone for Tom Anderson. Whilst waiting, kimmy talk t Irene about why Hyde & Lorraine lied to him. When Tom gets to the phone, he confirms that the woman in the photo he sent is definitely Kimmy’s mum. When kimmy gets off the phone, he’s frustrated about being lied to. Despite Irene’s suggestions, kimmy charges out of the house - searching for Hyde.

SURF CLUB - kimmy is V annoyed when he sees Hyde chatting to Morag.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric & Flynn talk about Cassie/Ric. Ric admits that he still loves Cassie, but he won’t say anything because he doesn’t want to get in the way of Cassie/Aden. Ric decides to go to bed. Flynn insists on catching some infomercials - they’ll easily make him sleepy.

SURF CLUB - When Hyde is gone, kimmy approaches Morag. He asks her about he BIG case she’ working on - the one which forced her to stop helping him. Morag’s answers are surprisingly vague - and she denies chatting with Hyde recently.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn falls asleep in front of the TV, and he has THAT nightmare again. The sleeping Flynn tosses & turns in fright.

BEACH HOUSE - Next morning, kimmy talks to Irene about Morag’s evasiveness. Tash enters the house, as Irene is bailing. Tash wonders if hayley is OK. Kimmy says that she’d appreciate a visit. Tash asks kimmy what’s REALLY bothering him - and he tell her about the photo, Hyde, Morag etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally comments about Flynn’s night (note - sally is wearing the blue top & white shirt that she is wearing in Flynn’s nightmare). Flynn suggests hat he & sally should REALLY think of their plans for pippa IF something happens to them. Cassie enters the room, and talks about her great night with Aden. Ric, of course, overhears all this.

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy tells Tash that he’s not going to ask the likes of Hyde, Morag & Lorraine any more questions. He wants Hyde to think that he’s “over†the search. Tash agrees to help kimmy, who tells her that he has a plan. Kimmy & Tash exit.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally comments that Flynn doesn’t appear to be feeling the best. Flynn insists that he didn’t want to bother her with his problems etc.

DINER - Kimmy & Tash enter separately. They pass by Robbie - who is working at the diner again. Kimmy approaches Hyde - and kimmy thanks Hyde for trying to spare his feelings from the comments of his mum (ie Lorraine). As Hyde goes to the counter, Tash gets up from her seat. She pretends to hurt her ankle. Whilst Hyde assists Tash, his mobile phone drops to the floor, and, as planned, kimmy picks it up. Kimmy then helps the “hobbling†Tash as she exits.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric is clearly not impressed when Cassie raves on about herself & Aden. When Ric leaves the room, Flynn suggests that Cassie shouldn’t speak so much about it to Ric. When Cassie leaves the room. Sally wonders if Flynn’s dream was the reason he talked about their plans for the future. Sally thinks that Flynn should go to hospital for a check up, but Flynn insists that it’s just a dream.

DINER - Morag tells Hyde about her conversation with kimmy last night. She thinks kimmy is still on the hunt for his mum.

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy takes Hyde’s phone from his pocket. Kimmy & Tash wonder what text message that should send Lorraine about the box (which kimmy thinks is the key to discovering who his mum REALLY is).

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric discovers that Cassie has been talking to sally & Flynn about the whole Aden situation. Ric is annoyed - but this is brushed aside when Flynn begins to choke. Cassie gets the phone and starts ringing the ambulance as the shocked sally enters the room.

AFTER AD BREAK - Flynn is now sitting on the couch he insists that he is fine now. Cassie, Sally & Ric aren’t so sure/

Whilst sally tends to flynn, Ric & Cassie go to the kitchen, Cassie forces Ric to admit that he thought they could get back together after they broke up. Ric insists that he now think that that isn’t true. Cassie concurs with what Ric has said - but she says it rather sheepishly - ie these two are as bad as Hayley & Scott

BEACH HOUSE - Tash suggest the very open ended “have you take care of the box?†as the tex message that kimmy should sent to Lorraine. Kimmy sends the message, and seconds later, he gets a response form Lorraine - it says “no contact means NO CONTACT. Box is safeâ€. Kimmy decides to act. She decides to go to Lorraine’s house. Tash thinks that it’s a bad idea. Kimmy won’t budge - and Tash decides to go with him, to try and talk him out of this plan.

LORRAINE’S HOUSE - kimmy & Tash arrive. Tash is still protesting even as kimmy gets out of his car. Kimmy walks o the front door and knocks - there’s no answer. Kimmy then looks in a few places and finds the spare key to the house - under a nearby pot plant. Kimmy unlocks the door and enters the house.

DINER - Hyde entrees &he asks Robbie if someone has handed in a mobile. Robbie says that Tash found Hyde’s mobile. Robbie hands the phone to Hyde, who checks his messages. There are a couple from Lorraine - and when Hyde accesses one of the massages, it alerts him to the fact that kimmy has obviously used his phone o contact Lorraine.

LORRAINE’S HOUSE - Kimmy searches about the house. He finds THAT box in one of Lorraine’s cupboards. Just as kimmy sees THAT envelope with his name on it, a car (Lorraine’s?) arrives at the house (end of ep)


Kimmy discovers the truth about his mum, and Flynn collapses near the beach

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