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Tuesday 16 August 2005 - "How To Stage A Break In WIth Just A Eas

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“How To Stage A Break In WIth Just A Easy Lessons !!!!â€

NOAH'S - Tony is talking to Beth, Alf & jack about the kids at SBH. when he mentions that he's thinking of starting up a rugby union side for the school, Alf is V interested. jack's phone rings.

AMANDA'S FLAT - Amanda (with Scott beside her) explains to Harper & jack what happened, and gives them a description of the intruder. jack notes that the description of the intruder that she gave him is similar to the description of someone else who was broken into - incl. the foreign accent

NOAH'S - Amanda talks to Scott, Beth & Alf about the break in./ Scott offers that Amanda can stay at the Hunter House - and Beth says that she can (note - Beth, however, looks sceptical),. as Scot & Amanda are walk towards the exit, Dan enters, he';s heard about the break in.. Dan insist that Amanda should stay the night at his place. a,manda says that she can't do that, but Dan insists, and Amanda agrees

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Dan, Amanda & Scott enter. as Dan puts Amanda things in the room in which she''ll be sleeping, Amanda thanks Scott for being there for her.

NOAH'S - Alf really doesn't get theta he's more into this rugby team idea that tony is - who loosely agrees to talk more about it tomorrow/ Scott enters and tells Alf & Beth that Amanda has settled in at Dan's place. Beth tells Scott that there's something about Amanda that she doesn't trust.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Dan is most suspicious of Amanda's intentions, but she assure him that she's had a change of heart. she's trying to make a new start - and she won't cause trouble for Dan & Leah (note - despite her words, you can tell that Amanda IS lieing though her teeth)

DINER - next morning. Robbie & Tasha are about to exit when colleen taps Robbie in that shoulder. Robbie is honestly scared when she does this - and suggests that colleen shouldn't do it again. Colleen tells Robbie & Tasha that the latest rehearsal are on later today. Robbie says that he no longer has the time to be in colleen's play, and when Robbie has bailed, Tasha says that she is out of the play too. when Tasha is gone, colleen wonders who she will be able to get to play the leads in her play.

meanwhile, Morag enters, and she is annoyed that she's got a ticket. she shows Martha who charges over to speak to jack - who informs Morag & Martha that "where morag always parks" is no a loading zone, hence the ticket. Martha is, off course, partic annoyed at how jack is "just doing his job".

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Amanda jokes about a shirt that Dan is wearing (which was bought when the were a coupe all those years ago). when the subject of incommoding arises, Amanda says that she'll have to find another place, as she is NOT going back to the place where she was bound & gagged etc.

ROADSIDE - Martha discovers that the back wheels of her Ute are bogged in the mud/. she flags down a passing car, and (surprise, surprise) it's jack. Martha initially says that she does need his help - but then decides to accept. Martha however thinks that jack's plan to put big sticks near the affected wheels is a stupid idea, and what rather that they pull the Ute out with jack;'s car. naturally, more verbal sparring ensues.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - Dan & Ryan are mucking around, whilst Amanda is looking in the newspaper for another flat. Ryan wants them to stay at Dan's place, but Amanda insist that they have to find somewhere else. Amanda is then VERY pleased when damn insists that she takes as mush time as she needs to find the "right place"

ROADSIDE - jack is in Martha's Ute. as he floors the throttle, Martha pushes the Ute out of the mud. Martha however, now is covered in lots of mud. things get worse when Martha gets in the Ute and it won't start. because she rejected jack's assistance, he drives off.

DINER - Martha tells morag, Tasha & Alf about this. but is forced to admit that Jack did arrange for someone to come and help her out. morag is also forced to admit that where she was parking before has just become a loading zone. Tasha then tells Martha that, because Martha is all argumentative, its clear that she REALLY like jack. Martha, off course, denies this.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE -Scott arrives, and Amanda tells him that Dan has let her stay until she find another place. when Amanda mentions the dinner they didn't have, Scott says that there's no need to be so polite. Amanda, however, makes it clear that she interested in Scott (note - Amanda IS toying with Scott, but at least that look she gave Scott at Dan & Leah's wedding reception isn't "for nothing" now).

NOAH'S - Alf is rabbiting on to tony about the school's new rugby team. jack enters, and there's more verbal sparring between he & Martha incl. when Martha says that she'd rather listen to "my heart will go in" continuously then go out on a date with jack.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Beth comments, to tony, about Alf being a rugby union obsessed. when Scott approaches, he tells Beth that he won't be in for dinner tonight, as he's going out with Amanda this evening . when Scott wa;lks away, Beth tell tony that she doesn't trust Amanda.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE - after Dan & Ryan exit, Amanda has a series of flashbacks - eg overhearing Robbie's description of the intruder at the Beach house, throwing things about her flat, bounding & gagging herself etc. This ends with Amanda has a rather pleased with herself expression on her face (end of ep)


Hayley is worried about how Scott is falling for Amanda, whilst Hayley also has problems of her own (she's in pain at Noah's)

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