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They could have written Hayley out and brought her back again in a few years, that would have been much easier than the recast. They only recast her because she left so suddenly (quite unprofessional when you think about it) and they were right in the middle of the baby storyline. I don't think they'll bring Bec back. I'd be disappointed if they did, because that would be really unfair on Ella, plus it would confuse the fans no end! If Scott leaves (to be honest, I wouldn't miss him), I hope Hayley stays because to go to all the trouble of replacing her, only for her to leave the show almost straight away, seems a bit of a waste. Not a big fan of the character though - hoping that Ella brings a bit of life to her.

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I like Scott- hope he isn't leaving! As for Hayley, I'm surprised Ella only has a 3 month contract-when they went to so much effort to recast the character instead of writing her out, you'd think her contract would be a bit longer, although doesn;t definitely mean she's leaving. It'd be awful to see the back of the character of Hayley :(

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