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Friday 12 August 2005 - "Supergirl Issues"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Supergirl Issues !!!â€

BEACH HOUSE –Hayley enters, and tells Irene & Morag that nothing was in the safety deposit box. Morag is V curious, thinking that Hyde probably arrived at storage facility before kimmy and removed whatever was in box. Morag tells Irene & hayley that she is going yo confront Hyde.

SBH – Morag enters Hyde’s office, and confronts him about the safety deposit box. Hyde “plays dumb†and Morag doesn’t like this, and she insist that she WILL discover the truth. Morag exits.

HOSPITAL – colleen is telling Leah, Flynn & sally about ric & Cassie’s antics during rehearsal. Colleen also wonders whom she can get to replace them as the leads in her play. Seconds later, Robbie & tash enter Flynn’s room – they’ve been giving blood. Colleen sees Robbie & tash and suggests that will be perfect to play the leads in her play. Robbie says that he’s now longer into the acting thing and when Robbie & Tash try to bail, colleen follows them out of the room. Robbie & Tash try to convince colleen that they are right for this, but colleen insists they are. Robbie & tash then truly decides to bail, and colleen gives chase/

Back in Flynn’s room, sally notes that Leah seems happier than usual. Leah tells them she thinks she is pregnant, as she feels exactly that way she did when she 1-st realised that she was pregnant with VJ. Leah tells sally & Flynn that she is so confident tat she’s preggers that she has already bought some baby clothes (and Leah shoes sally etc a yellow jumpsuit)

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – the joyous Leah enters, and Dan comments about her being late home. Leah says that she’s been shopping – and shows Dan THAT jumpsuit. Dan realises what that it means – and Leah confirms that she thinks she is indeed preggers. Dan tells Leah to take a pregnancy test to be sure.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie & tash enter. Irene says that she is more than happy to let them stay at her place (as Robbie & tash’s flat is being fumigated. Robbie & co, hear colleen approaching, and Robbie & tash quickly tell Irene about colleen’s plans for them to be leads in play, before Robbie & tash try to hide form colleen. Colleen enters the house before they can – and she eventually wears down Robbie ^ tash to the point where they agree to be the leads in play. Colleen joyously hands Robbie & tash their scripts.

Meanwhile, in kitchen, hayley tells Irene that she’ been trying to take kimmy mind off the search, but, having said that, hayley also asks Irene if Morag has rung – as hayley is V keen for news of Morag’s investigation

STORAGE FACILITY – a male security guard, whose son Morag has helped in the past, is all too happy to assist Morag. They quickly look through the security cam footage for the past 24 hours. As expected, Morag sees that Hyde DID remove items for the safety deposit box, leaving it empty for when kimmy got there later in the day.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – Dan is the voice of caution about Leah being pregnant, but Leah isn’t listening. She is pleased when the alarm goes – she can check the test results now. Leah is despondent that the test is NEGITIVE, but Dan insists that they’ve got plenty of time to have a child together.

BEACH HOUSE – in their bedroom, Robbire & tash easily agree that colleen’s script is tragic. They kiss serval times, but then tash is intrigues when she thinks she hears something in the house. Robbie thinks nothing of it, and he goes (V late night at night) to the kitchen. Robbie is shocked to see an intruder. The intruder shoves Robbie out of the way. Tash hears the commotion and charges towards the intruder, who just manages to escape from tash. Irene then comes down the stairs; she is shocked that they’ve had an intruder.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – Dan approaches Leah, who is in lounge with VJ. Leah is V clingy to VJ – and prevents him from leaving her grasp on a number of occasions. Dan, meanwhile, misinterprets something Leah said, i.e. he thinks he I the problem why she is not pregnant, but Leah reassures Dan that that is not what she meant.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie & tash can’t give the police a description of the intruder. Because of this police says that caching intruder will be difficult. Before the police leave, they “suggest†that Irene should keep all more locked etc (note – given that TV WEEK recently had an article about Amanda faking her own place being broken into in the near future, I think Amanda just might be the intruder at the beach house, after all, I can definitely imagine tash being able to all but capture Amanda like she did).

Soon after, in their bedroom, Robbie tells Tash that he’s V frustrated about his lack of ability to protect himself against the intruder. Robbie says that this is accentuated by how tash reacted (note – where was this reaction last year when Robbie called tash “Supergirl†for tackling psycho Sarah after she’d shot Jesse).

SBH – next morning, Morag enters the secretary’s office, and she hears Hyde (in his office) talking on the phone to someone about removing the things for the storage facility before kimmy git there.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – Leah ^ Dan are in the kitchen when Leah’s father arrives. Leah is shocked to see him –0 and things gets worse when he says that Leah’s grandfather in Cyprus has had a heart attack and is now on his last legs. Leah’s father wants her to pack a suitcase so they can go to the airport today – so Leah’s grandfather can see her (and rest of family) one last time before he die.

SBH – Hyde’s phone calls ends – and Morag enters the office. She confronts Hyde about what he said during the call. During tis confrontation, we see, and Morag picks up on, that Hyde places his hands on a pile f papers in his desk (not – I guess these are from safety deposit box). Morag insists on discovering the truth – and before she exits, she deliberately leaves her handbag in the room.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – Leah can’t believe it when Dan says that he can’t go with her to Cyprus (no way of getting time off work etc)

BEACH HOUSE – tash (still in the clothes she slept in) can’t believe that Robbie is dressed and ready for school already. Robbie is still annoyed with his lack of manhood last night with the intruder. When Robbie exits, tash is a quandary about how to help Robbie through this latest crisis.

BAKER PATTERSON HOUSE – Leah’ bag are packed, and she says goodbye to Dan & VJ, before exiting with her father. Its clear that she is still V annoyed with Dan.

SBH – the school secretary tells Hyde that the new drama teacher is downstairs. Hyde says that he will go out of his office to meet her – and sho her around the school.

OUTSIDE SBH – Dan tells sally how bad he feels (not being able to go with Leah). Hyde approaches sally & Dan, and wonders if they’ve seen the new drama teacher. Dan asks who it is, but seconds later, he is shocked when Amanda vale approaches (Dan can’t believe that they will be working at same school together)

SBH – Morag enters the secretary’ office, and tells secretary that she realised she left hand bag in Hyde’s office. When Morag enters office, she immediately goes to the pile of papers that Hyde had his hand on before. She opens an envelope (the one with “Kim†on it – in Hyde’s car yesterday) and reads the contents of the letter. Morag is clearly shocked when she reads the letter – and for this to shock someone like Morag, the ID is kimmy mum MUST be “BIG†(end of ep)


Kimmy & hayley go to the house of a woman we’ve not seen before – is she kimmy’ mum? And also next week, hayley’s heart problems mean she must have to make a choice – her life or that of her baby?

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