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Tammin takes a nibble at Europe

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Tammin takes a nibble at Europe

EAT YOUR WORDS Kate Sullivan

The Glebe

11 August 2005

WHILE her music has more than a spoonful of sugar in it, Tammin Sursok doesn't have a sweet tooth.

The Balmain beauty took off to London last week to try and crack the Europe music scene and The Glebe was able to catch up with her at her favourite cafe, the Balmain Eating House, for a chat and a salad before she left.

It's not hard to see why Sursok is the new flavour of the month in the pop industry.

With her bubbly personality, great looks and a new album, the actress turned singer has it all going for her at the moment.

"Life can be a bit surreal sometimes," she said. "My career has changed and evolved and I'm looking forward to being in London and working over there."

The former Home and Away star has begun a two-month tour of Britain but she was already missing home before she left.

"It's a big move and I'm going to miss so many people."

After living in Balmain for the past three years, Sursok has a huge list of her favourite eateries and places to hang out.

On top of her list is the Balmain Eating House on Darling St.

"I don't cook but then I don't know many 21-year-olds that do," she said.

"I eat out a lot and the Eating House is one of my absolute favourite places.

"You can always get a fresh salad and seafood and it has a nice relaxed atmosphere."

Like many people who meet her, Eating House owner Bernard Delfosce has a soft spot for his favourite patron.

"I always make sure I have something extra nice for her when she comes in," he said.

"I go to the market and pick up some special fish for her and her lovely man when they come in for dinner."

With exotic salads including fresh pear with nut dressing and homemade soups and pies, it's not hard to find something tempting on the menu.

In pop music, image is everything and Sursok has to keep not only her voice in shape but her figure as well.

Sursok booked in for a last meal before flying to Britain and was promised barramundi from the Fish Markets.

"Anything for Tammin," Mr Delfosce said.

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