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Crash And Burn

Guest Billy

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Episode one:murder in the mind:

Halyey was going threw her belongings at the beach house when she came across her birth certificate. She looked at and found out a shocking peice of infomation she is not who she think she is. Then Later when irene and barry get home that is when the real drama begins,

Hayley:irene can i talk to you in privite

Irene:sure darl whats up

Hayley:i saw my birth certificate today


Hayley:on the birth certificate it said when i was 5 i had lukemia

Irene:lukemia right hayley we was going to tell you but

Hayley:but what irene why did you not tell me that i had cancer

Irene:your dad and me thought it was not a good time to bring that story up

Hayley:yeah but think about how i felt you would not like it

Irene:yes but we did not want you to get hurt

Hayley:you can not be serious

Irene:hayley im sorry

Hayley then walks out of the beach house. Irene sat at the table with barry cuddling her by her side.

Meanwhlie at the caravan park sally is playing a dangerous game with flynn as flynn is keeping hot on her trail to find out her little secret,

Flynn:sally where are you going

Sally:to leahs see you

Flynn:yeah bye

Half hour later Flynn ran up leah to see what time sally was coming back to eat at the caravan park

Flynn:hi leah is sally there


Flynn:what is she coming back now

Leah:no she has not even been over mine

Flynn:right see you


Then sally walks threw the door and flynn saids,

Flynn:you have got a lot of explaining to do

Sally just froze.

Meanwhlie a masked figure was following dani home then when she stop and turned around she said,

Dani:what are you doing

Then dani screamed in horror as she was left on the beach lying in a pool of blood. She then died on the beach in pain but the question is who did it...


She's dead...

Peter:im so sorry

But who did do the chilling deed...

Scott:someone murdered her on the beach

It is someone they all know (a selection of summer bay faces)...

Peter:there is a killer amongst us

But will they find out before it is too late...

Kirsty:kane there is someone following me

plus her secret is about to be revealed...

Flynn:why did you do it sally

next time on home and away

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Episode two:The murder of summer bay:

Flynn:tell me sally what is going on

Sally:im going to tell you the truth, i have been having a affair

Flynn:with who

Sally:pippa's nursey teacher im so sorry

Flynn:why did you do it sally

Sally:got into it i suppoused

Flynn grabed sally by the face,

Flynn:i could kill you right now

Flynn let go as leah and dan walked in the door,


Sally just was quiet all threw the night when they was eating.

The next morning scott was surfing when he saw dani laying by the cliffs in a pool of blood. He rang peter to say that she was attacked. When peter got down to the beach with m.i.t he told scott the story,

Peter:shes dead


Peter:im so sorry

scott:but she must of been killed

Peter:not nescercerly

scott:look the evidence is staring you right in the face we are living in a town of nightmare

peter:right we look for clues meanwhlie you stay with beth for a whlie



At beth's house scott crys to beth like a mummys boy,

scott:some murdered her along the beach



Beth:i better ring rhys and shelly.

scott was still crying over dani's death but meanwhlie on the beach the police have found damaging new evidence,

Police:i found something

Peter:what is it

Police:a hair


It was late at night and kirsty just dicided to see the place where dani was bruteley murdered. She had just finished putting her flowers on when all of a sudden a black figure came up to her and tried to stab her. Kirsty manage to move out the way and go in the cave to ring kane but the black figure was hot on her trail,

Kirsty:kane you got to get me from the beach cave


Kirsty:kane there is someone following me and i think it is dani's killer

Kane:right i will go

Then kirsty screamed down the phone as the black figure reached out and grab her....


She has been kidnapped....

Kirsty:what do you want with me

By her sisters killer...

Kirsty:you killed my sister

But is she next in line...

Kirsty:What are you going to do with me

computerrised voice:your going to help me blow up the surf club

Next time on home and away....

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Episode three:Killers blend in (with blood):

Kirsty got dragged out of the boot by the mystrious black figure. The black figure put kirsty over near shoulder and took them into a abandoned factory.

Kane rushed over to the police station to alert peter that kirsty had been kidnapped,

Kane:peter kirsty shes got kidnapped

Peter:what when did this happen

Kane:about half hour ago

Peter:how do you know this

Kane:she run me on my mobile

Peter:do you know where she was calling from

Kane:yeah turtle cave

Peter:right lets get down there.

Meanwhlie at the abondoned factory the black figure revealed themself to kirsty (but we do not know who it is),


killer:i bet you did not see this one coming

Kirsty:you killed my sister

Killer:i it was the best thing i had ever done

Kirsty:but why are you trying to kill me

Killer:i am not trying to kill you

Kirsty:so what do you want with me

Killer:everyone loves you, they would do anything for you

Kirsty:what do you mean

Killer:everyone looks out for you

Kirsty:what are you going to do with me

Killer:you are going to help me blow up the surf club.

Kirsty glared into the killers eyes as the killer revealed his plans to kirsty but meanwhlie in the cave the hunt for kirsty is still on,

Peter:i need to call claire down here

Kane:why do you need to do that

Peter:this case is more harder than i imaginged

kane:hey look

Peter:what is it


Peter:now lets not jump to conclusions now

kane:i know it is kirsty's blood, im sure of it

Peter:right that is it

Kane:where are you going

Peter:to get claire what else

Meanwhlie at the abondoned factory the killer puts kirsty in his van at the front and drives off and back to summer bay but what will the killer do...


A dangerous game...

Peter:oh my god it is you

Will put the towns life at risk...

Kirsty:there is a bomb in the surf club

But will they find it in time...

claire:evacuate the surf club

And diana fraser is back but for what purpose...

Diana:irene roberts no time no seen

Next time on home and away...

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Episode four:Bomb-bay diaster (part one out of two):

Everyone made there way to the surf club in order to talk about the killer who has got kirsty hostage and who killed dani.

Inside the van the killer parked it behind the surf club and opened the boot of the van he then pulled out a bomb. Kirsty was sitting in front of the van hancuffed to the wheel,

Kirsty:please im begging you don't do it

Killer:i am wheter you like it or not

The killer went in the back of the surf club and hid the bomb in the freezer it was starting to count down then thye killer hid in noah's bar in the celler.

EVeryone was sitting talking about the killer when all of a sudden screams were coming from the back of the diner. Peter and kane went to investagate. Kane and peter saw kirsty handcuffed to the wheel of the van and she was screaming,

kirsty:the killer he has got the bomb the surf club is going to blow up at any minute


Kane:what are we going to do

Peter:right you free kirsty i will go and alerting claire


Peter ran into the surf club and alerted claire,

claire:right people evacuate the surf club


Claire:there is a bomb scare


Claire:please mrs hunter you got to go outside right now

As peter and claire were the only ones to be left in that room the killer came out of the celler,

Killer:missed me

Peter:oh my god it is you.

Peter was refurring to the killer. His identity was exposed he was rhys sutherland but why would he get revenge on his duaghters,

Claire:where is the bomb

Rhys:there is no bomb

Peter:do not play mind games rhys where is the bomb

Rhys:search the place

Claire:ok i will stand outside with him

Claire went outside with rhys whlie peter investagated. Manwhlie outside a helicopter landed on the beach. People went on the beach to see who was in the helicopter. The door opened two legs came out and there was diana fraser,

Irene:oh my god

Diana:irene roberts long time no seen

Irene:what do you want

Diana:i told you i would be back someday

Irene:but why

Diana:your foster duaghter called-hayley

Irene:hayley why

Hayley:to get revenge on you

Hayley and diana walked off whlie irene was just startled as she looked at the dynamic duo.

Meanwhlie in the surf club peter found the bomb in the frezzer but it only had 20 seconds to go. Peter ran out as fast as he could then matilda came out of the toliet

Peter:maddie run

Then the whloe surf club exploded people were hurt outside the blast because the force was so strong you heared people shouting out peoples name



Rhys smurked as the surf club went up in flames He then manage to escape from claire, he punched her and he nicked her car and drove away. claire went up from the floor holding her nose and looking at the burnt surf club but who did surrive...

To be continued...


The surf club exploded...

claire:peter did not get out

Beth;nor did maddie

But did they surrive...

Claire:peter matilda wake up

and what about the killer...

Claire:rhys has took another girl

Plus what is hayleys plan to destroy irene...

Hayley:diana if we do this we will get all her inheritence

and the man she had affair with is revealed

Flynn:you had a affair with my wife

Next time on home and away...

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Episode five:Bomb-bay diaster (part two out of two):

All you could see was smoke coming from the surf club as the fire fighters tried to put out the fire with worried people,

Claire:peter did not get out

Beth:nor did maddie

Scott:but kirsty and kane they were at the back of the surf club in that van

Beth:and rhys is still on the loose.

The fire fighter then approched them about news on there loved ones but it was not looking good for one of them,

Fire fighter:we found two people

Beth:are they allright

Fire fighter:the doctor is taking them into hostpital now.

As Peter and maddie were been taken in the ambulance they were all pleading for there surrival,

Claire:peter maddie wake up

Doctor:she has stop breathing begin cpr

Beth:no my little girl

Doctor:quick get her in the ambulance

They rushed down the road with matilda inside theambulance they then got her to hostpital and put her in recess but what is the problem. However peter just had a couple of burns.

At the hostpital the hunters are all waiting in the reletives room hlie claire is outside talking on the phone,

Claire:senior detective brody, what noway i will tell him see you.

Claire went into the hostpital to talk to peter but it is bad news but why is it bad news,

Peter:hey was up

Claire:rhys has took another girl

Peter:any i.d

Claire:yeah laura degroot

Peter looked stunned. Kirsty and laura are twins that were switched at birth but how will kirsty react to this news.

At the wreakage of the surf club kane and kirsty are found allright as they look round the wreckage of the surf club.

At the beach flynn was walking across the beach when he spotted at the cliff's sally kissing one of his colluges doctor.james stone,

Flynn:what are you doing


Flynn:so you had a affair with my wife

James:we are in love flynn.

Flynn just standed there amazed looking at james and sally cuddling is this the summer bay's latest love triangle.

Meanwhlie diana and hayley were talking in dianas new flat in summer bay on how to get rid of irene for good,

Hayley:i got it


Hayley:we kill her

Diana:no it is too risky

Hayley:diana if we do this we will get all of her innheritence

Diana:but how are we going to kill her

Hayley:by tampering with her brakes on her car so when she dirves really fast down the moterway

diana:excellent may irene roberts be dead anytime soon


Matilda lies unconsious...As beth is told...She needs a liver transplant....otherwise she will die...and the bay is left reeling when they are told that loves ones are being taken...hayley and diana tamper with the brakes on the car...and flynn gets james fired from the hostpital...next time on home and away.....

Fan fiction competition:

Want to star in my fan fic as a villian who wants to get revenge on summer bay well the opputunitey is here.

I need a back to the bay member to star in my fan fiction as a dangerous villian,


1)you must be a bttb member

2)you are only aloud to vote once

3)The villians name will be dicided as soon as possible (hopefully screen names if possible)

4)entrys need to be in by augest 16th 2005 and i will be annoucing the winner that piticular day

5)you need to describe yourself in 10 words why you would be a great villian

Have fun in this competiton and remember choose words that describe a villian...

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