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You and Me Forever

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i wrote a fanfic about kane/kirsty and noah/hayley, it's around the time Sarah shot Noah but this time not only Noah got shot schould i post it or not?


Go for it! Hun, I am already looking forward to reading it :D .

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Chapter one: Kane & Kirsty one last time.

It’s morning, the sun is shining. Inside the palace sitting on a coach. She’s crying , on the table we can see a newspaper. At Irene’s house Jesse is sitting on the stairs, he’s holding the same newspaper. On the front page you can see a giant picture with Hayley, Noah, Kane, Kirsty, Dani, Scott, Flyn and Sally. On the picture next to it you can see Sarah. Above the article stands the sentence: Sarah takes two lives, then her own. Jesse puts the paper down and looks at Irene and Tasha. Irene is crying and whispers: ‘why, why did this had to happen?’ Jesse says nothing but walks together with them to the door.

Op on the mountains we find a lot of people from summer bay, there all her for the funeral. We see Irene and Jesse, Alf and Colleen, Leah, Shelley and Rhys. Tasha is walking alone because she doesn’t want anybody near her. Hayley walks next to Noah, Dani with Scott, Flyn with Sally and Kane with Kirsty. Everybody is there so who died? Almost everybody stops but Kane, Kirsty, Tasha, Hayley, Noah, Dani and Scott walk to the end of the cliff, to the ocean Dani, Scott and Tasha stop but Noah, Hayley, Kane and Kirsty walk to the end of the cliff. Close up on Kirsty remembering her past with Kane: how she saw him on the boat, the time they spend in the bush, when they fell in love, when they run away, when he brought her back to her family, when he came back, their wedding…All those happy moments. Tears roll over Kristy’s cheeks, she opens the urn and throws ashes into the air. Here we get that Kane was one of the two persons who died.’ Why, why did you have to go? I love you so much, why did you had to leaven?’ Kristy’s words bring tears into Dani’s eyes but she stays where she is. Close up on Tasha, she’s also crying and thinking. She thinks of everything he did for her, every time she made him smile, all those happy moments. Gone forever. But she knew that even if she couldn’t go back, even if she would never see him again, at least she was happy she got to know him. Tasha looked at the sky and whispered:’ Thank you Kane. Thank you for everything.’ Meanwhile Kirsty still stand there , looking in front of her, there where she just threw her husband’s ashes in, her Kane’s ashes. Again she whispers: ‘why did you leave me Kane?’ Kane comes closer and puts his hand on her shoulder and whispers : ‘I didn’t leave you, I’ll never leave you. And I’ll always love you.’ ‘Goodbye Kane , goodbye forever. I’ll always, always love you. And I’ll never forget you.’ While she says this Kane gives her a kiss on her hair, the last one he’ll ever give her. He turns around and looks at Dani knowing that she’ll take care of Kirsty from now on. He then looks at Tasha with a pain in his heart realizing that he was leaving this little girl behind. He wished that everybody would look after her. He looked one more time at kirsty and whispered: ‘ never forget me.’ As if she had heard him she whispered: ‘I’ll never forget you’ Then he fades away forever.

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