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The sky's the limit

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The sky's the limit

The Gold Coast Bulletin

4 August 2005

FANS must love watching former Home and Away pin-up boy Dieter Brummer die.

Brummer's Summer Bay bad boy Shane died in the arms of Melissa George's Angel in one of the best remembered soapie deaths ever played out on Australian television.

"I've died in just about every show I've ever been in. I died in Crash Palace. I didn't die in Shark Bay - or Flipper for that matter, though my character did turn into a dolphin at the end of the episode.

"I did a Phil Avalon movie called The Finder. I played dead in that one too."

Will fans get to see Brummer die again in Geoff Cox's new movie Reality Check, which has just finished shooting on the Gold Coast and in Fingal?

"I can't give everything away," Brummer laughs.

But Brummer will reveal his character, Trapper, is one of an ensemble cast of nine key players which strands former reality TV show contestants Survivor style on an island when they attend a reunion for the show's first anniversary.

The film is billed as an action thriller and whodunnit with members of the cast bumped off one by one.

Brummer is joined by Paul Mercurio, the star dancer who crossed over to the big screen with the Baz Luhrmann hit Strictly Ballroom and more recently, television, as the Mr Nice Guy judge of Dancing With The Stars."It's so different from anything I've done before," he laughs.

"It's been a bit of a diversion."

Cox's new film is the first in Australia shot using HD camera technology.

Scenes are recorded straight to hard drive, doing away with the necessity for tape or film.

Cox's CV includes such TV shows as Beastmaster and Flipper and the recent independent movie Rapid Fear.

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