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Close to home


5 August 2005

HOME and Away has a new star, and he's from Melbourne.

It's been a while since we've had a Melbourne boy in the show, but Paul O'Brien is exactly that.

O'Brien has been working on the show for the past six weeks, with his first episode on air tonight.

At 27, he has worked in stand-up comedy around town and a few short films before his big break on Home and Away.

The hardest thing he has found is learning so many lines so quickly, and the fast turnover of scenes.

"I guess that is my biggest mental challenge," O'Brien said.

"Even if you don't get it right, things keep going forward, it's all about getting used to the pace.

"Yesterday, I mourned over a scene I thought I didn't do how I would like, but 15 minutes later I'd forgotten about it."

O'Brien is part of a new family who moves into Summer Bay.

One of the stranger things the newcomer encountered on set was seeing in the flesh such legends of the soap as Kate Ritchie and Ray Meagher.

"It was so surreal, I kept grinning to myself the whole time," he said. "We kept doing rehearsals and I kept cracking up, I was like, get that stupid smile of your face.

"It was bizarre to see all these Home and Away people walking around."

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