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Tuesday 2 August 2005 - "Will Flynn Die On His Wedding Anniversar

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Will Flynn Die On His Wedding Anniversary ???â€

OPENING CREDITS - At the start of the previous ep, we discovered that Jesse is no more, ie Alf & Martha are now together in that bit of the opening titles.

HOPITAL - sally is very stressed as the time that Flynn has been in surgery gets longer & longer. Sally isn’t the only one who is partic stressed about the situation. Cassie thinks that Ric, like sally, should wait for news. Ric says, “I don’t need you to tell me what to doâ€. Cassie replies, â€it would be nice not to have toâ€

NEAR BEACH - Scott looks V worried, as he looks at the newspaper (with its front-page story about police corruption).

HOSPITAL - dan tries to reassure sally that all will be OK. Leah approaches. She says that she needs to get VJ from the baby sitter, but dan insists that he will go, so Leah can stray with sally. Nearby, Ric is getting more & more agitated about wanting to know about Flynn. This starts another verbal war between Ric & Cassie. Sally stops them form fighting - and make it clear that she is annoyed that the pair is fighting at, of all places, a hospital.

DINER - Scott enters, and sees dan. Scott tells dan that after he got the van out of that ditch, we saw peter. Dan insists that Scott must be mistaken - as peter & Clare are in QLD.

HOSPITAL -alf arrives, as a make doctor explains to sally that they had to remove Flynn’s spleen. Doctor says that this could be a problem in future, because Flynn’s immune system is compromised but doctor says Flynn’s other organs etc will compensate (note - are we all remembering that Shane died after he too had spleen removed?) Sally asks if he can see Flynn - and the doc says yes. Sally goes to enter Flynn’s ICU room. Meanwhile, alf picks up on the bad vibes between Ric & Cassie. The former couple then enters Flynn’s room. Flynn takes of oxygen mask - it’s clear that he’s V pleased to see sally & the others.

DINER - dan gets off the phone - and tells Scott the great news that Flynn is out of surgery and is OK. Scott brings up subject of peter, so dan decides to ring his brother. Peter (who we can see is near the surf club) says that he & Clare are having a great time in QLD, and that they will be back in Bay tomorrow (at approx lunchtime). When call is over, dan tells Scot that he must be wrong, as peter IS in QLD.

VAN PARK HOUSE - alf, Ric & Cassie enter. Alf demands that Ric & Cassie tell him what’s going on. Ric suggest that he can tell alf at diner flat. Cassie has a go at Ric for running away - fork their problems, and their family.

NEXT MORNING - sally enters the van park house. She can see that Cassie has been crying. Cassie tells sally about Ric moving out (to live with alf). The in tears Cassie thinks all is lost, but sally assures Cassie that â€Ric will come around†etc

NEAR BEACH -dan is surprised when he sees peter driving towards him. When peter is alongside dan, peter says that he &Clare had to catch an earlier flight than planned. When dan asks, peter says that Clare is in the city - as she had to get straight back to work.

HOSPITAL - Flynn is now in one of normal hospital rooms, and Cassie & sally are with him. Flynn comments on the lack of nurses/funding etc at the hospital. When Flynn asks, Cassie says that Ric is at diner flat (without indicating that Ric has moved out). Alf & colleen enter, and they also comments about lack of nurses etc. flynn is V surprised when alf says that Ric is now living at diner flat.

DINER - in kitchen, Leah notices that dan is V distracted. When Leah exits the kitchen, dan rings Clare. He wonders if they can catch up and have a diner for 4 (peter, Clare, dan & Leah). Clare thinks that’s a great idea - as it will be a good opportunity for her to see Peter, as her workload has prevented her from seeing him in days. (Note - you can see that Dan is V concerned about enter, esp. since Clare was a the police station in the city and had no knowledge of the supposed holiday to QLD)

AFTER AD BREAK - dan approaches Scott. He insists that he want Scott to take him to the farmhouse - in light of recent police corruption allegations. Scott isn’t keen, but dan insists on doing this. As Scott & Dan exit, colleen & alf enter. Colleen starts talking about raising funds fro the hospital. When alf enquires, colleen says that they can’t hold another miss groper pageant, as it’s always been an annual event. Colleen insists they’ll have to think of another fund raising idea. Ric comes downstairs from diner flat - ad alf tells him that Flynn now knows that Ric has moved out.

HOPITAL - Ric enters Flynn’s room. Ric tries to explain that he thought moving out was the best thong for all of them (Ric & Cassie fighting too much etc) but Flynn responds with an awesomely impassioned speech about Ric being part of the (sally/flynn) family and how family sticks together etc. Ric agrees to move back home, and Flynn is V pleased when sally & Cassie - as all his family is there.

FARMHOUSE PROPERTY - dan & Scott spy on the drug lab house from a nearby barn. Dan decides to enter the house. Dan & Peter are equally shocked to see each other. Things get more intriguing when a Ute arrive outside the house. Peter tells Dan to bail - or police operation will be ruined. Dan complies - and moments later, 2 unknown males ((who were in Ute) enter the house. They comment that peter appears to be on edge - peter replies with a comment like “we’re not dealing with lolly pops hereâ€

AFTER AD BREAK - Scott (at barn) looks V worried as he looks towards the house. Inside, the 2 men are packing the drugs peter has sold them a bag. Peter says that he hopes they can do business again. The 2 men are concerned when they hear a noise coming from another part of the house. The men go out of the drug lab room - and they find dan. Peter immediately stands in front of dan, and tells the 2 men that he needed back up for this deal. One of the men is extremely annoyed that peter is not alone. Nearby, Scott is shocked when he hears the sound of TWO gunshots (end of ep)


Why does Kimmy want to keep with relationship with Hayley is secret? and how will Peter leave the Bay? (Note - we see peter in hospital in this preview)

H&A Related News

I’ve seen or heard 4 interviews with ISLA Fisher (ex-Shannon Reed) - and her “Wedding Crashers†co star Own Wilson in the pat 24 hours. I LOVE how my fave EVER actress to appear in H&A was the 1000-th guest on (TV chat show) “Rove Liveâ€, and, well, its was just soooooooooooooooo good to hear her divine voice again. It was also great that ISLA was part of the radio interviews (as some of them had only advertised that Owen Wilson was being interviewed)

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