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Monday 1 August 2005 - "Damaged Goods"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Damaged Goodsâ€

BUSHLAND - Scott & dan frantically call out to Flynn (hoping that he’s conscious/alive). Scott tells dan to keep an eye on Flynn whilst Scott goes to Flynn’s VW Van and gets (the always in there) abseiling gear.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie thinks Ric is a coward for just running away form their problem (as Ric has packed his bags - to go to diner flat). Cassie grabs his bag and Cassie & Ric are fighting when sally & Leah enter. (Note -in previous ep, sally & Leah only took the food with them when they departed, ie they left the tent up the campsite).

BUSHLAND - Dan & Scott are now at the bottom of the cliff. They discover that Flynn is impaled on a tree branch (through his abdomen). Flynn is now conscious - he pleads for dan & Scott NOT to try to remove the branch, as he’ll bleed to death if they do that.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally has a go at Ric fro wanting to bail at the 1st sign of trouble. She is able to convince Ric to stay living at van park house. Sally then comments to Leah that life is never easy.

BUSHLAND - Flynn tells dan & Scott his best chance for survival is for one of them to go for help. Scott decides to go.

DIRT ROAD - Scott drives too fast around a corner and gets Flynn’s van stuck in a ditch at side of track.

BUSHLAND - flyyn seems to be getting worse. Dan tries to take his mind off things, but talking about how sally would react to his lack of manliness. It seems to work - Flynn laughs at this.

DIRT ROAD - Scott has no lack trying to extricate the van from the ditch. He sees a car exit another dirt road, but it turns the wrong way (ie left, as car had gone right, it would have approached Scott.

BUSHLAND - dan tries to get Flynn’s mind off the pain - by asking him questions about his youth, ie “who was your fave school teacher Flynn?â€

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally breaks at another verbal battle between Ric & Cassie. After Cassie leaves the room, Leah says that she thinks sally is amazing (with her parenting skills etc). Sally tells Leah that its all V much trial & error.

BUSHLAND - dan is V worried when Flynn says that he wants to tell dan a message to give to sally if Flynn dies.

UNFAMILIAR FARMHOUSE - Scott enters and calls out, hoping that some is there. He sees a phone on the floor, but soon discovers that the phone line has been cut. Scott goes into another room - and sees that there is a drug lab in there. Scott sees a wallet n there floor - and he’s V surprised at the contents (we don’t see contents, but Scott’s facial expression indicates surprises. Scott rushes out of the house - and flags down a passing motorist - telling hem about his friend in trouble.

BUSHLAND - dan is V worried when flynn slips into unconsciousness - and Dan’s alos V concerned when there is blood all over his hands. Dan is V relieved when he hears Scott calls out that he was arrived with help.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric & Cassie are verbally battling again. Ric makes things a GAZILLION times worse when he said that he should have known he’d have trouble with damaged goods (ie Cassie). Sally & Leah try to kind the peace. The phone rings. Sally’s answers it - and she’s clearly distressed.

HOSPITAL - the doctor begins to treat Flynn, as sally, Leah, Ric & Cassie arrive. The female doctor tells sally that it’s most likely that Flynn has ruptured his spleen. . The doctors then rush Flynn into theatre. Nearby, Ric is annoyed at Cassie’ very down beat take at the situation (ie “I’ve been so often that I know where very crack in the tiles isâ€). Sally approaches - and lies about how Flynn is (says that he is going well). Elsewhere in the corridor, Scott tells dan about the drug lab, and Scott shows dan the wallet he found - which has Peter’s driver licence.

DIRT TRACK - Scott has just extracted the van from the ditch when he sees the car he saw exiting the farm house (the one that went the wrong, for him, way earlier) enter the dirt roads which lead to the farmhouse. Scott gets in van and follows the car. Scott pulls out on the road, and hides behind the trees. Scott is shocked to actually see peter at the farm house (the one with drug lab) esp. since dan said that peter is up north at present (note - can any of these ppl remember that pater is an UNDERCOVER policeman)

HOSPITAL - sally blames herself for all this (“we shouldn’t have driven away with the other [Leah’s] car. Sally is about to ask Nurse Julie how Flynn is, when Julie also another doctor to join the team in theatre (end of ep)


Flynn sight for his life, a criminal isn’t too pleased with peter when dan arrives at the farm, and dan cries out that someone (peter?) has been shot

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