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Fisher Out of Water

Guest Dan F

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Fisher Out of Water

From Sydney Confidential

August 02, 2005


THE excitement of the Wedding Crashers premiere was too much for its star Isla Fisher on Sunday night.

Like any wedding guest, she reportedly had a few too many glasses of bubbly.

The tiny Aussie actor had to be rescued from the ladies' loos at the celeb-studded Centennial Park after party in Sydney's eastern suburbs when she became a bit tipsy from over celebrating.

But with good reason.

The former Home and Away star was thrilled to be back in Australia to launch her biggest film to date - alongside her two brothers, Connor and Edward. "It was such an amazing experience to come home on the back of something big like this," the self-confessed hungover starlet told Confidential yesterday.

"The atmosphere was great, my brothers were there and it was so nice to see Kate Ritchie - I felt so happy about it."

An insider at the A-list soiree witnessed a wobbly Fisher being rescued by "two male companions" from the bathrooms about 9.45pm.

"She was laughing and saying, 'Thank God you rescued me - I think it's time to go home now,"' the party spy said.

But the flame-haired actor was firmly back on her feet again yesterday.

She spoke about her love for Oz and her pending nuptials to funnyman fiance Sasha Baron-Cohen.

"He's so jealous that I'm here, he loves Australia so much," she said.

"We don't know when we're getting married but it will definitely be here - coming back this time I realise how attached I am to this place."

Fisher and co-star Owen Wilson will hit the campaign trail in Melbourne today.

Wilson, meanwhile, proved himself a true-blue Aussie in the making at the weekend.

The Hollywood actor popped into the Bondi Icebergs for a Sunday morning dip and emerged a local hero.

Wilson mingled quietly with the winter swimming club and remained largely unnoticed, a Confidential spy reported.

And when club captain Kenny Spears invited the actor to swim a cameo leg with the Icebergs relay team against the Woollongong surf club, he jumped straight in.

"Owen was the third leg in the relay," an Icebergs insider reported.

"He hardly drew a breath and held on to a slim lead, resulting in a generous round of applause from the locals."

Spurred on by a bit of superstar speed, the Bondi team took the race and "good bloke" Owen became the toast of the morning.

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