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Bec's Orphan Plans Stalled

Guest Dan F

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Bec's orphan plans stalled

By Peter Holmes

July 31, 2005

AN ORPHANAGE in Cambodia that Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt support has failed to get off the ground due to a lack of funding.

The shortage of money and the Cambodian wet season have halted the $250,000 project, according to the AIDS Trust Of Australia, which is overseeing its construction.

The land for the orphanage is believed to have been bought for more than $20,000.

According to AIDS Trust of Australia documents, it will take another $175,000 to build the orphanage. The money was to come from payments for media interviews when the couple became engaged, and from Cartwright's performance in Dancing With The Stars.

In a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, AIDS Trust of Australia chief Terry Trethowan said: "The contribution from Lleyton and Bec from Dancing With The Stars and The Today Tonight story was over $65,000."

Cartwright won $41,000 from the dance show but the couple appears to have given just 10 per cent or $25,000 of their reported payment for media interviews with Channel Seven and New Idea.

The celebrity couple also asked guests at their recent wedding to donate to the Trust in liey of gifts.

The children who will live at the new orphanage are living at Wat Norea (Temple Norea), a Buddhist facility in Cambodia's north-west.

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