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Lost UK thread

Guest Di

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At first I thought the premise of the show was cliched, but I like the idea of a twist. How cool would it be if they were on a reality tv show?


Believe me, when you've watched a few episodes, you realise it's not cliched.. Or if you think so, you forget about it because it's so good! The twists are so many that I've lost count! And because of that, reading spoilers can ruin it.. The characters are brilliant too..

What it says on Ch4's site or Lost, 'nothing is as it seems' is so true! That's what makes it so fabulous!

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You really should try and watch it at least..

A friend of mine was so against watching it because it sounded 'clliched' and unrealistic.. Now he is hooked! Extremely well written and nothing is intentional.. The things that seems like errors are probably not..

You may wanna read that article Di posted, tells you the basics of it..

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No, all 48 are not in the show! It's only focused on the 14 that were mentioned in the article... The rest are just there in the background...

I'm actually a bit worried that it might be too hyped up in the UK, so yeah, just watch it with an open mind.. :wink:

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