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Dittmar the matchmaker

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Dittmar the matchmaker

Sunday Mail

17 July 2005

IT'S been a whirlwind romance for lovebirds Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright, who tie the knot in Sydney next Thursday.

But the two might never have met if it wasn't for Seven sports celeb Chris Dittmar.

Ditts, who is best mates with Lleyton's coach Roger Rasheed, got a call from Ley-Ley asking how he could get in touch with the young actress.

"I guess you could say I sort of played a hand in it," Chris said last week.

"He rang me and said `you work at Seven, you must know her', that sort of thing."

Although he had never met Bec, Ditts asked a Seven publicist to get the Home & Away star's details for the tennis ace.

Ditts then passed on the number of Bec's personal manager ... and the romance took off from there.

The Seven staffers joked at the time that, in return for their handywork bringing the two together, they'd expect a wedding invitation if the famous couple ever tied the knot.

Little did they know the stars would be engaged within a few months.

The couple hooked up around the time Bec's star was rising, thanks to her appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

But Lleyton had been out of the country and didn't know he was pursuing one of the country's biggest celebs.

While Ditts helped spark the romance, he played down his part in bringing the lovebirds together.

"I'd hate to be credited with that sort of thing," he said.

"I just made a few calls to put them in touch, but they were actually introduced years ago."

Even though he played cupid for the couple, Ditts isn't going to be at the wedding on Thursday.

"I wouldn't expect to get invited," he said. "I know him but we're not close mates.

"But I'm really happy for them. Lleyton seems to be very happy.

"I think it (the relationship) has been great for his tennis, not that that is the most important thing, but he just seems to have settled down."

Secrecy surrounds the couple's wedding day, but there's no doubt it will be a star-studded affair.

The couple have reportedly sold their wedding snaps and story to a women's magazine for a six-figure sum

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