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Beau and Tammin do Aussie horror

Guest Andy

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Beau and Tammin do Aussie horror

10 July 2005

Sunday Herald Sun

WHILE former fiancee Bec Cartwright takes an extended break from acting, once Home and Away heart-throb Beau Brady (below) is set to sign on for his first feature film. Brady is negotiating to star in Voodoo Lagoon, a low-budget horror film, in Queensland. The British-Australian production is expected to start filming next month.

Brady has kept a dignified silence since being dumped by Cartwright late last year. A matter of weeks after she broke off their engagement, she started dating Lleyton Hewitt.

Brady is not the only former Home and Away star with big screen ambitions. Singer-actor Tammin Sursok has been earmarked for a lead role in a hush-hush Australian horror film, Dying Breed. Sources say Sursok and other cast are to shoot a trailer, possibly within weeks, for the yet to be funded project.

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Voodoo can do

SHE made a scary host on Australia's Next Top Model, so it's not that surprising Erika Heynatz has landed a lead role in a horror flick.

Heynatz plays a woman who tortures a bunch of American tourists with black magic in Voodoo Lagoon, a low-budget movie being shot on the Gold Coast. Neighbours actress, and Brisbane native, Natalie Blair co-stars, along with ex-Home and Away heartthrob Beau Brady.

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August 13-19,2005


Voodoo Lady

She's built up a huge following since her portrayal of Carmella on Neighbours.And now Logie winning star Natalie Blair has an exciting new role to talk about-She's currently working on the Gold Coast set of her first feature film Voodoo Lagoon.

Chatting candidly to TV WEEK,Natalie-Who will soon be making another return to Ramsay Street-reveals she is working alongside former Home and Away star Beau Brady in the movie.

''I found out about the movie halfway through my last stint on Neighbours, so i couldn't really talk about it," she says.'' I play a character called Kate and Beau Brady plays my fiancee.He's awesome-Very professional.He's lots of fun".

Can we expect to see another,less glamorous side to Natalie in the film?''Well the unfortunate things that happen to my character don't involve being cut open,so there will be no blood for me,she laughs."But lets just say Beau gets nice and bloody".

Not surprisingly,Brisbane-based Natalie jumped at the chance to make her foray into the world of feature films.

" We've been filming for a week now and it's been a really,really fantastic experience", she reflects.''It's quite diffrent to working in a studio.It's very exciting.I'd love to do more movies".

And it seems Natalie's personal life is also going well.The 21 year old beauty reveals she's happily in a relationship.''I'm enjoying somebody's company at the moment",she hints.


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Horror year over for Beau

August 12, 2005

Sydney Confidential, Dail;y Telegraph

IN the past year he's survived bouts of unemployment, his ex marrying a millionaire and a hefty parking fine, which landed him in court.

But things are finally looking up for Beau Brady . The former Home and Away star and one-time love of Bec Cartwright has won himself a part in Voodoo Lagoon, a low-budget horror flick being shot on the Gold Coast.

And while it may not be Hollywood, it's gotta be better than Brady's current gig spinning records at a city nightclub.

Brady – who now dates Saturday Disney's Shae Brewster – will star alongside Foxtel model scout Erika Heynatz and Neighbours' Natalie Blair in the scream-fest flick. Can't wait.



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