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Ella gets ready to tread the boards

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Ella gets ready to tread the boards

Sunday Telegraph

10 July 2005

NIDA graduate Ella Scott Lynch, 22, who is about to take over from Bec Cartwright on Home And Away, has some major theatrical connections in her family.

Her mum, Jane Scott, is a film producer and her dad, Michael Lynch, runs London's artsy South Bank Centre.

Meanwhile, her step-mum, Chrissy Sharp, runs the prestigious Sadler's Wells company in Britain.

Not surprisingly, the former Ascham schoolgirl was one of the most promising students at NIDA.

She is rumoured to have also landed a role in a forthcoming Sydney Theatre production. However, a Home And Away spokesman would not confirm or deny this.

As for her Seven contract, there have been rumours that this is only for three months in order to allow her to fulfil her other obligations.

Of course, this must remain a secret as well.

Lynch, who is yet to grace the screens, will replace Cartwright and play her character, Hayley.

Her on-screen debut is set for August.

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