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Thursday 7 July 2005 - "Believe In Miracles"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Believe In Miracles?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally can?t believe that pippa has bought the van park for her. Pippa Insits that she did it because sally belongs here - and recalls that when pippa & tom 1-st arrived in bay, sally proclaimed that the Van Park belonged to her.

HUNTER HOUSE - next morning, Beth confronts Robbie & Tash about their wedding. Beth begins to feel a LOT better when Robbie & Tash admit that their marriage isn?t legal (no papers signed etc).

BEACH - Robbie & Tash are plaesed that Beth is so happy for them, but they are a little concerned that Beth didn?t truly understand what they?ve done.

NEAR BEACH - chloe & Olivia encounter alf. They wish him a happy birthday, and alf says that he doesn?t want anyone to make a fuss about it (which clearly means that he DOES want ppl to make a fuss). Hyde & Beth (who?s wearing a great hot pink, Asian motif jacket) are talking about the ?wedding? (Hyde tells Beth that Irene hasn?t been told as yet), when they encounter alf. Hyde & Beth wish alf a happy birthday, and he says the ?no fuss? thing again.

DINER FLAT - Morag tells Martha & Ric that Duncan will be driving himself from airport to bay, whilst Morag will enjoy (NOT) driving Celia. Alf enters and Ric, Martha & Morag wish him happy birthday. They give him self made card (looks great - with a pic of alf on cover) and give him some hankies. Alf is clearly underwhelemed by all this.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally tells pippa that she?s been talking to Flynn most of last night. Only way they?ll accept Pippa?s offer is if the Van Park is kept open as a base for all friends & family who come to the bay. Pippa is really pleased that sally has accepted.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie & Tash enter, as Tilly (fantastic white cami top with multi red rose motif) exits - to go to van park house. Beth is shocked when Robbie tells her that he & Tash want to do with married couples do - move in together. Robbie takes offence to Beth saying that he & Tash aren?t really married. Robbie is keen to argue this point with Beth, but its clear (from the look on her face) that Tash is keen on being more diplomatic than Robbie is. Beth is shocked when Robbie & Tash bail.

VAN PARK HOUSE - fisher is pleased to see chloe (who is wearing great burgundy top). Celia & Morag enter - Celia is annoyed that Morag?s driving (had to slam on brakes) ruined that cake she made. Sally then introduces Celia to Ric & Martha. Blake tells everyone that alf is approaching. Sally is able to just get of the house and shut door behind her. Alf asks if sally & Flynn can come to his place for a BBQ tonight, but sally says she already has plans. (Note - alf is clearly disappointed, and, whilst alf & sally were talking, we heard that ones of the balloons on the house deflate).

WHARF - Tash approaches Beth, who thinks that Robbie & Tash are to young for all of this. Beth is really concerned that Irene hasn?t been told yet. Tash insists that she & Robbie were always going to tell Beth 1-st, because she?s V understanding (note - more true words have never been spoken). Tash insists that herself & Robbie haven?t rushed into this decision (to sleep together, move out of home etc), and you can see that Beth is affected by how serious Tash is when says all of this. (Note - can you imagine what would have happened if Irene found out 1-st - she has SEROIUSLY ?hit the roof?)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Celia catches up with Duncan, and Morag introduces Duncan to Ric. Martha asks Duncan how Roo is now. Nearby, Morag tells sally that it?s not the Ric/Duncan meeting she?s concerned about - as, ?right on schedule?, fisher re-eneters the house from the back patio. Fisher ignores Duncan when he says hello. Tilly tells Cassie that she has to bail - to go to henry?s performance. Nearby, Blake comments to Sophie that they still make a great team (they?ve just hung a banner is the usual place at the van park house, just before you enter the kitchen). Sophie goes upstairs, and makes a comment about pippa being in her element (making the beds). Sophie & pippa talk about sophie/blake. When Sophie says that she still loves Blake, pippa insists that Sophie should take a risk and get back together with Blake.

AFTER AD BREAK - Fisher is sitting on back patio, when Duncan approaches. Fisher (and the rest of the universe) is SHOCKED by Duncan?s humility. Duncan says that he is deeply sorry for what happened to Seb. Duncan says that he feels this way because he now knows what fisher & Co went through, because Duncan thought Roo was going to die. As Duncan is about to go back into the house, Fisher says a heartfelt ?thank you? to Duncan.

HUNETR HOUSE - Beth offers Robbie and Tash a compromise. Instead of them moving out, Tash can move into Robbie?s room -so they can see if they can handle living together etc.

WHARF - Robbie & Tash talk about Beth?s proposal. Robbie is keen to move out, but Tash insists that Beth?s plan is a great one.

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth is REALLY pleased when Robbie & Tash accept her proposal, and Tash will ONLY move in IF Irene gives her blessing as well.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Celia is worried about, well, everything, and Morag?s comments are amusing (but they don?t ?help? Celia)

DINER FLAT - Ric & Martha enter. They can?t believe it when they find a note from Alf -saying that he?s ?gone fishing?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric tells sally & the others about what?s happened. Everyone except for Celia exits - to find alf - just as lance enters.

BEACH - Blake & Sophie reminisce about the past, and they get back together. Both then see alf nearby. Alf is shocked to see Blake & Sophie. They tell alf to come with them - whilst alf can?t believe that Sophie & Blake has returned to the bay for his birthday.

VAN PARK HOUSE - alf enters, and is shocked, and extremely pleased, to see so many of his relatives and friends (end of ep)


More of Alf?s friends return for the party, and there?s a car crash

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