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It was lights, camera, but little action

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It was lights, camera, but little action

July 6, 2005

Sydney Confidential, Daily Telgraph

JUDGE Judy wasn't at Waverley Court yesterday, but her attendance would have been a fitting inclusion to the list of notables that were scheduled to appear.

With ex-soap stars Beau Brady, Brian Vriends and footballer Craig Wing's sister Danielle all listed to face traffic-related charges at the Eastern Suburbs hotspot, Confidential set up camp to catch the drama.

Only problem was that apart from Vriends, none of them showed up.

For the third time in two weeks, former Home and Away actor Beau Brady failed to appear to challenge a $70 ticket for parking in a no-stopping zone. Instead of facing the music in person, Brady lodged a written notice pleading not guilty to his charge.

A hearing will be held at a later date and the actor can do us all a favour and finally deal with his minor offence.

On a more serious note, Wingy's sister Danielle, 20, was due to appear to face charges for driving while suspended.

But Wing, a real estate agent, didn't arrive either, instead writing a letter to request another attendance date.

Former All Saints actor Vriends nervously took to the stage to answer to a low-range drink driving charge, but a mix-up with his licence records meant the case was adjourned until Tuesday. Judge Judy wouldn't be happy.

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Sydney Confidential

Daily Telegraph

8 July 2005

EX-Home and Awayer Beau Brady obviously takes his wardrobe more seriously than his traffic record.

About the time Brady was due to appear in Waverley Court on Tuesday, a Confidential spy spotted the actor and "a new love interest" shopping at Westfield Bondi Junction. Perhaps he was looking for a new suit to wear to his next trial date.

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Yeah but msf,i can see her point.While i like Beau and think he probably didn't or probably wouldn't be making a big fuss over it,i'd just pay the fine by now.If he can afford to go shopping on the day he's due in court then he can probably afford to pay the fine.

Having said that i like him and will support him anyway, it's not like he murdered anybody or something really bad.I just hope he resolves the issue soon as it might also give a bad rep for future work and we need him back on screen.lol. :)

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"it doesnt matter if he was in the right", you reckon that's OK ? Plus it's probably not about money so it doesn't matter if he was shopping.

As for bad publicity, he can always find work at the BBC. I mean Den in Eastenders killed a taxi driver in real life and how much did they pay him to be in that show ?

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Thanks for that!

Its $70 for petes sake!!! surely he can afford that, it doesnt matter if he was in the right, wouldnt it be better to move on than create bad publicity for himself.

And if you are going to contest the fine, turn up!!!!


Bad publicity is better than no publicity!! Because would he be int he news otherwise??

Ms Becky, yeah he did. When he was a teenager.

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msf i never said it didn't matter if he was right,which he probably is if he's making a big deal out of it.But surely you'd just pay the fine and get it over with?Especially if you don't turn up to the court when your supposed to.Though i agree about the publicity thing,i suppose any is better then none :)

I can't believe some guy killed a taxi driver.Don't know who he is though.

Anyway i love Beau so am not trying to be mean but he should either turn up to court or pay the fine before he gets himself into more trouble.

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