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National Television Awards (UK)

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"Now in its 11th year, TV's biggest night of the year has dispensed honours even-handedly in the soap category with EastEnders and Coronation Street both voted into the top spot five times each. But also riding high in the ratings is five-times a week Emmerdale who will, no doubt, be hoping to have champagne corks popping in the Woolpack. But in what is always a fiercely contested tussle, they will face two other strong contenders Hollyoaks and Home and Away."

To vote go to the NTA website

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LOl. H&A wont get a look in. Everyone knows that "contest" is fixed. Eastenders and Corrie alternate years. I think that means it's Corrie's turn?


Lol! I know, but at least it's been nominated. As far as I can remember Home and away hasn't been nominated for anything in the UK, and if it was it was a very long time ago. Neighbours normally gets nominated for best daytime prgramme, but I don't think H&A has.

I would love to see the looks on the Corrie and EE people's faces if Home and Away did win though :lol:

Have just tried voting but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Grr... :angry:

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I managed to vote. It's really slow going from one category to the next though. I thought it wasn't working at first but was just the time it was taking. But I still think whoever said it's a fix is right. H&A hasn't a chance which is a shame.

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