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Wednesday 29 June 2005 - "Be Happy Josie"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Be Happy Josie"

HOSPITAL - Kimmy tells hayley about the Chloe/Troy situation, but hayley clearly isn?t listening. Kimmy insists that Scott has caused hayley enough pain so she shouldn?t be thinking about him now. Irene & Hyde enter. Irene comments that Hayley is lucky to have Kimmy waiting on her hand & foot.

NOAH?S - Scott is talking to alf & Beth about the hayley situation when his phone rings. Scott sees that it?s josie who is ringing him. Scott tells Beth that he doesn?t want to talk to josie.

JOSIE?S FLAT - Josie leaves a message on Scott?s phone. She says that she has some important information for Scott, but she can?t tell him over the phone.

NEAR DINER - Martha, Cassie & Ric approach Tilly. They ask her to help with Alf?s party - but Tilly insists that she?s got things to do at home. Cassie asks Martha & Ric that she needs to speak to Tilly alone, when Ric & Martha are gone, Tilly & Cassie renew their friendship.

NOAH?S - Beth gives Scott some advice about the hayley situation. As Scott exits, he listens to Josie?s phone message. He?s clearly not keen on talking to her.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley, Irene, Hyde & Kimmy enters. Chloe is V pleased to hayley. Chloe alos apologises for all that?s happened (with Troy). After chloe mentions that Olivia is asleep, Irene says that hayley will have NO trouble with her baby, because of Kimmy. Chloe then suggests that she?s thinking of cloning Kimmy. When Kimmy ask, hayley suggests that she?d love some chocolate cake form the diner. After Kimmy exits, hayley comments that she is glad Kim is gone, as he?s fussing too much. Hayley however also tells chloe that she think Kimmy will be a great dad. The joyous chloe rests her head of Hayley?s stomach.

NEAR BEACH - Kimmy encounters Scott, and Kimmy takes offence that Scott wants to visit hayley. Scott insists that he & hayley will sort things out for themselves (note - I HAVE to say that Kimmy is annoying me more than usual at the moment. His actions are understandable - but annoying.)

BEACH HOUSE - Leah talks to hayley about recent events. Leah & chloe bail and Kimmy returns (with that chocolate cake). Hayley notices that Kimmy is annoyed - so Kimmy tells her about his encounter with Scott. Hayley suggests that both Kimmy & Scot should grow up.

DINER - Josie enters, and colleen comments that josie should be dressed in a colour other than white. Josie says that it?s pointless for her to tell colleen that she wants to talk to Scott - as colleen won?t pass on the message. As josie exits, Jesse & chloe enter - they talk about troy. Chloe suggests that she should clone Jesse (as well as Kimmy). They hear colleen scream - and Jesse & chloe rush into the kitchen. There is water going everywhere - and colleen is soaked - as the faucet of the sink is no longer where it should be.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Martha, Tilly, Cassie & Ric enter, and they show Flynn to invitation to Alf?s party. When Flynn comments that there is no venue on the invite, Martha & Co ask if they can have the party at the van park house. Flynn says that they can. Martha & Co are shocked when they hear Alf?s voice outside. They hide the party invite in a box on the table. Alf enters, and wonders why the teens are inside of such a great day. Alf grabs the box off the table - and exits. Martha & Co are very worried about their surprise party plans.

NOAH?S - alf enters closely followed by Tilly, Cassie, Martha & Ric. They tell alf that he inspired them to go for a run. They try to get the party invite, but alf keeps close by so they can?t. Ric asks alf if they can speak outside, but then alf has to assist Beth with the troublesome juicer

BLAXLAND WHARF - josie approaches Scott. He doesn?t want to talk to her. Scott gets abroad the Blaxland - and starts the engine. Josie calls out to him that she has important news - but Scott can?t hear her. Scott powers the Blaxland away from the wharf - and Josie is distressed (note - josie, you SOOOOO could have easily climbed abroad the Blaxland. Scott would have been a captive audience)

BEACH HOUSE - in Hayley?s room, hayley & Kimmy talk about Scott, and then they are both overjoyed when the baby kicks for the 1-st time. Hayley joyously records this info in their baby book. Kimmy is totally on cloud nine. (Note - once more, Kimmy annoys me by speaking badly about Scott)

DINER -Jesse is trying to fix the faucet but chloe insists that she?s had experience with such things and she knows Jesse has got it all wrong. Jesse doesn?t believe her - and turns on the tap. Water goes everywhere (once more) as Jesse hasn?t correctly attached the faucet. Chloe then fixes the problem.

NOAH?S - alf finally leaves the room, and Martha & Co pounce on the box. They can?t find the party invitation - and Beth says that she grabbed it ages ago (as she knew something has up). Martha & Co exit.

JOSIE?S FLAT - we hear a voice of josie, saying what she?s written in her letter to Scott. Whilst the voice over is happening, we see doing various things - folding the letter (and the paternity results), putting them in an envelope, picking up her bags, and exiting her flat -for the last time.

NEAR DINER - chloe & Jesse joke about the whole sink repair situation. Colleen approaches with some towels, but chloe & Jesse insists that the sun is drying them VERY well. As chloe bails, josie approaches Jesse. Jesse is surprised when josie says that she is leaving the bay RIGHT NOW. Both say that they want the other to find happiness. Josie asks Jesse to give various ppl the letters she has written, esp. Scott. As josie walks away, Jesse calls out to her. Josie turns around and says, ?Be happy, Jess?. Josie then continues on her way (note - I don?t know about everyone else, but, to me, Josie will DEFINITELY be missed)

BEACH HOUSE -Jesse enters, and he jokes with hayley about her situation. Chloe approaches, as hayley goes to her room (she doesn?t want Kimmy to say that she is over exerting himself). Jesse asks chloe if she will go with him to Leah & Dan?s wedding (as Jesse doesn?t want to be ?set up? with someone, by Leah, for the wedding). Chloe accepts.

DINER - Colleen (as always) speaks unfavourably about josie (after Jesse must have - off screen - given Leah the letters from Josie). Leah once more mentions that Josie saved them all (resort) but colleen thinks josie is bad because of the hayley/scott situation (note - isn?t Colleen forgetting that, whilst josie and scott merely kissed, hayley SLEPT WITH Kimmy ???). Leah gives Scott his letter from josie - and he rips it into several pieces, and throws it in the bin (end of ep)


With Leah & Dan?s wedding just days away, Dan?s ex, Amanda Vale, arrives in town !!!!!!!

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