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Bec and Tammin refuse to bare all

Guest Andy

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Black and white repeats are classics

The Advertiser

30 June 2005

BEC Cartwright said no. As did Jodhi Packer, Jennifer Hawkins and Cate Blanchett.

Plus, Sophie Monk, Tahyna Tozzi, Holly Vallance and Tammin Sursok. The list goes on. . .

Yup, there have been many celebs who have flatly refused to bare all for national arts and entertainment magazine, Black + White.

Still, there have been just as many who have undergone a wax, downed the champers and dared to bare, enough, it seems, to make a book - the just-released Starlust Memories: 14 Years of Celebrity Nudes From Black + White.

Among its subjects are former Adelaidean and Bardot singer Katie Underwood, ex-South Australian and now Home and Away vixen Holly Brisley, and "honorary Adelaidean" actress Susie Porter, now camped in Robe for the filming of the $1.4 million feature, Caterpillar Wish.

"Katie is the quint essential popstar so she wanted glamour and glitz," says editor Karen-Jane Eyre. "Susie is such a flamboyant person, so she wanted that kind of cabaret, burlesque feeling."

Talk about sexy - Susie starred alongside U.S. star Johnathon Schaech in the Alice Springs film Welcome To Woop Woop.

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