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Go, superbitch

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Go, superbitch

29 June 2005

The Advertiser

Home and Away

7pm, weekdays, Channel 7


DANCING with the Stars' Holly Brisley, right, is about to take the biggest step of her career: she is going to make us hate her.

"I was pretty concerned about it at first," says the actor and presenter (Ago's Cartoon Connection) who tomorrow joins Home and Away as that rarest of things in Summer Bay - a superbitch. "When I signed up to do this, I thought `Oh no, I'm going to get eggs thrown at my house. People are going to hate me'. But then I thought `Look, that's why it's called acting. You're playing somebody else. It's not you doing these things'."

The villainous Amanda Dale is Dan's former wife and she turns up in Summer Bay bent on ruining Dan's impending wedding to new love Leah. And that's just the beginning.

Holly's first episode of Home and Away will screen on Thursday - Robbie and Tasha (Jason Smith and Isabel Lucas) tie the knot on Friday - with Leah and Dan's (Ada Nicodemou and Tim Campbell) wedding screening on Monday and Tuesday.

Home and Away will celebrate its 4000th episode on Friday week.

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