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Holly's new Home

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Holly's new Home

Sunday Herald Sun

26 June 2005


Weekdays 7pm, Seven

Of all the romantic relationships that have sprung -- or allegedly sprung -- from Seven's Dancing With The Stars, the most interesting one could turn out to be glamour puss Holly Brisley and young Home And Away dynamo Jason Smith.

Brisley joins Home And Away this week as the soap's new resident vixen, drama teacher Amanda Vale, who will end up with Robbie (Smith) in her classes -- and the word is, she has more on her mind than his thespian skills.

But in the short term, Brisley is set to shake up Summer Bay in far more dramatic and destructive ways.

Her character happens to be the first wife of Dan (Tim Campbell). She arrives with six-year-old son Ryan in the town from Los Angeles on the eve of Dan's wedding to Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

The big question is whether her timing is just bad, or whether there are far more sinister things on her mind.

Fans will know that Leah is already jittery over the wedding, convinced fate is conspiring against her.

And from the moment Amanda arrives, the wedding plans start going awry.

Yes, Amanda could quickly become Aussie TV's biggest bitch since Rowena Wallace's Patricia Hamilton on Sons & Daughters.

But Brisley, 27, is horrified at the thought.

"I don't like to think of her as a bitch," she says.

"She does things normal people wouldn't do, but she's not really malicious. She simply has desires and needs, and she doesn't always weigh up the consequences of her actions.

"I think her behaviour comes from wanting to be loved."

Brisley has drawn on a previous TV role for inspiration in fleshing out the complex character of Amanda.

She played the role of Heather Locklear in a US Hallmark Channel production, Behind The Scenes Of Dynasty, an experience that enamored her to Locklear's talents (who went on to star in Melrose Place, and later Spin City).

"Her bitches weren't cliches. She played them with a few layers. So I'm really conscious of not making Amanda a dim bitch just out for revenge," she says.

However you look at it, Amanda is set to make a big impact, just as Brisley herself has in the past six months.

Since joining the line-up for Seven's second season of Dancing With The Stars, Brisley's star has been on the rise.

Defying early predictions, she and her partner Mark Hodge emerged as early favourites, alongside eventual winners Tom Williams and his partner Kim Johnson.

It is history now that the husky-voiced young blonde dynamo was a dancing sensation, making the final three. One suspects even bigger things lie ahead.

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Good golly, bubbly Holly to spice up Summer Bay

Daily Telegraph

28 June 2005

THE hard work has finally paid off for Sydney starlet Holly Brisley, who will no doubt lure some male viewers to the small screen during her Home and Away debut on Thursday night.

Following months on the social circuit and a stint on Dancing with the Stars, Brisley is to kick-start her acting career as Summer Bay's resident vixen Amanda Vale.

The role is a good fit for the bubbly blonde, whose sexy outfits and catty lines are expected to spice up storylines -- and ratings.

This week, drama brews in the Bay when Amanda rocks up to visit her ex-husband Dan (Tim Campbell) on the eve of his wedding to Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

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