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Thursday 22 June 2005 - "DEFIANT!!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?DEFIANT !!!?

NEAR SURF CLUB - Martha & Ric are talking about Alf?s birthday. Martha knows that alf doesn?t like being the centre of attention, but she wants to have a party for him anyway. Nearby, a car pulls up. When the person emerges from the car we only see their legs, but a shot of this person form behind them tells you exactly who it is (that black hair is unmistakable) !!! It?s CHLOE - she?s back in the bay after leaving in 1999.

HOSPITAL - Irene is by hayley?s bedside. Irene says that the discovery of the heart condition is a blessing in disguise - from the look on Hayley?s face, she clearly doesn?t agree with Irene. In the corridor, Kimmy tells Hyde that he had dreams of teaching his kid how to surf etc, but Hyde insist that Kimmy needs to be thinking of hayley more that himself. Kimmy & Hyde enter Hayley?s room. Irene tells hayley that she?ll go home and gets some things for Hayley?s say in hospital - Irene & Hyde exit.

BEACH HOUSE - Robbie, Tash &Martha are discussing ideas for Alf?s party, when chloe knocks on back door. Tash approaches chloe - who wants to speak to Irene. After Tash tells Irene that someone is here to see her, Irene is V surprised (but V pleased) to see chloe

DINER - Ric & Cassie are discussing Alf?s party. Tash &Martha enter and sit with Cassie etc. Martha suggests that they should invite all of Alf?s old friends & relatives. Alf is alarmed when he overhears Martha say ?Roo in New York?, but Martha lies to alf she claims she said she was telling Tasha & Co about the zoo in New York. Tilly arrives, and Cassie notices that Ric is staring at Tilly, who is ordering some food at the counter.

BEACH HOUSE - when Irene asks chloe says that (her daughter) Olivia is staying with friends. Irene suggests that chloe can stay in hayley? room (since chloe will be in the bay for only a few days). Irene s worried that chloe is hiding something form her (V perceptive), but chloe dismisses Irene?s suggestion.

HOSPITAL - Kimmy can?t believe it when hayley insist that she wants THIS baby (ie she doesn?t want to terminate the pregnancy)

VAN PARK HOUSE - chloe enters, and sally is V surprised to see her (note - the way chloe tentatively entered the house reminded me of when sophie did the dame thing a few week before the ferry diaster a few years ago). Chloe tells sally that Olivia can be quite a handful sometimes -which leads to chloe revealing that she?s not spoken to Diana (Olivia?s grandmother) for 2 years. Sally & chloe then talk about Hayley?s situation.

HOSPITAL - Flynn discusses the dangers of Hayley?s idea to give birth to this baby, but Healy isn?t listening to Flynn, Kimmy, Irene or Hyde. She defiantly insists that she IS having THIS baby.

DINER - Martha & the others continue to talk about Alf?s birthday party - and Ric isn?t keen on trying to get his hands on Alf?s address book (in case alf asks questions if he catches Ric looking at the book). They then all decide to go to a more appropriate place to talk (where alf can?t hear them). Cassie pays partic attention when Tilly & Ric (innocently) bump into each other as they get up from their seats.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally & chloe talks about their careers, Olivia?s school etc. chloe & sally are about to exit (to pick up baby pippa from daycare) when Tilly, Cassie, Martha, Ric & Tash arrive. Sally is surprised when chloe says that she?ll be in town long enough to attend the party Martha & Co are planing for alf (chloe insists that she has enough leave form work up her sleave)

DINER - alf & Colleen approach sally & chloe. Colleen wonders why chloe is back in town. Chloe sweet talks colleen by saying that it?s because of colleen?s lemon marang pie. Alf is annoyed when chloe mentions that she?ll be in the bay for his birthday party. Chloe?s phone rings - she tells sally that it?s ?work? calling her, but we see (on the screen of Chloe?s mobile) that it?s a guy named Troy. (Note 1 - the current issue of TV WEEK says troy is Chloe?s husband, and the Chloe has an AVO on him because he physically abused chloe. Note 2 - I actually 1-st read on the ?chloe returns? storyline in a supposed spoiler for the 2002 !!! season finale. Mind you, same spoiler said Jade was going to die in that ep. At least the info about Gypsy & Leah giving birth was correct)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Martha, Ric, Tilly, Cassie & Tash talk about possible presents for alf. Tilly goes to get a drink, and Cassie isn?t surprirised when Ric follows Tilly into the kitchen. Ric tries to talk about their kiss in the hospital, but Tilly doesn?t want to discuss it. Tilly, Tash & Martha exit, and Cassie is surprised when Ric says that he?s just remembered that he arranges to play pool at the surf club with a mate. Ric kisses Cassie before he exits.

HOPITAL - Kimmy is V emotional as he tries to convince hayley to terminate this pregnancy - Kimmy doesn?t want to even think about the possibility of loosing hayley, but hayley sticks to her guns - NO ONE is stooping her from having this child.

NEAR BEACH - Ric is about to ring Tilly when alf approaches. He?s V annoyed with Ric & Co for trying to arrange a party. Ric says that he & the others will discontinue their plans.

SURF CLUB -Martha can?t believe that Ric admitted to alf that there is to be a surprise party. Tash wonders if this party should go head, but Martha (like hayley) isn?t taking no for an answer - for Martha, this party IS going ahead (and her enthusiasm convinces the others to continue they?re planning)

DINER - colleen approaches Cassie. Colleen can tell that Cassie?s having man trouble (because she ordered a chocolate milkshake). Colleen gives Cassie some advice on how to woo Ric back. Cassie?s not sure she can ?go with? colleen?s plan - which, typically colleen, isn?t THAT racy (note - this proves that Cassie is WAY ?domesticated? compared to the way she was when we 1-st met her)

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde insist that Irene * Kimmy must support the decision has made. This leads to Chloe?s misadventures when she lived with Irene. Chloe?s phone beeps - Irene sees (on screen) who the text message is from - but chloe says that troy is a colleague form work. After Irene walks away form chloe, chloe accesses the message - ?where ever you are, I will find you?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie (with her hair V similar to Tilly?s current style). Cassie tells Ric that they?ll have the house to themselves tomorrow - and from the way Cassie is talking, it?s clear that she?s prepared to sleep with Ric (in a bid to hold onto him). Ric & Cassie PASH !!! (end of ep)


Ric confronts Tilly about recent events, and Jesse?s prepared to help chloe any way he can !!!

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