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'I Bet She is Up the Duff'

Guest Dani Sutherland

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Check out the Daily Express in the Uk for a small coloumn on Bec named 'i bet she is up the duff'

and the Daily Mail which is a full page named 'Hey', Pat Cash tells TV viewers. 'I bet that girl is up the duff'

Basically the comentator said 'I bet she's up the duff' thinking he'd turned his microphone off! And Bec and Lleyton heard!!!

I'll write up the story later!!

Chloe xoxox :)

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hey the article jus says....

"Accustomed like most Australians to speaking his mind, Pat Cash did not hesitate when his eyes alighted on an attractive young woman's swollen tummy.

"Hey, bet she's up the duff," he observed to anyone listening.

Unfortunately for the 1987 Wimbledon champion, the audience was rather larger than he intended.

He had omitted to switch his microphone off during commentary for the BBC on fellow-Australian Lleyton Hewitt's second-round match yesterday.

And the remarks about Hewitt's girlfriend, who was among the spectators, were duly relayed to thousands of viewers on its digital service.

Last night the corporation apologised for 40-year-old Cash's remarks about soap star Rebecca Cartwright, describing them as 'inappropriate'. But in true Aussie fashion, Hewitt announced that he was not offended in the least."

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