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Bec?s foetus already more mature than Lleyton

Guest Andy

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Bec Cartwright?s foetus already more mature than Lleyton


Fourteen weeks after its conception, Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright?s embryo is already more mature than its father. The gelatinous cluster of cells proved its superior temperament during an ultrasound examination yesterday in which it went over thirty minutes without yelling the phrase ?Come Onnnnn!?

The embryo was also found to respect the umpire?s rulings, be capable of losing gracefully and to not understand what?s so special about Rocky.

?He?s a little ripper,? said an emotional Hewitt. ?What an Aussie legend. Arrrgggghhh?. The tennis champ completed his thought via a series of chest thumps, emotional winces, fist pumps and grunts.

Doctors did however express fears that the foetus may have inherited its father?s sense of fashion after the ultrasound discovered its umbilical chord coming out of its back.

The baby is due to be born in October, although Hewitt and Cartwright are understood to be entertaining a request from Channel Seven to delay the birth until February to coincide with the new ratings period.

Cartwright has found the pregnancy ?quite easy? to date. ?It?s certainly been easier than the conception was, with the Fanatics bedside cheering Lleyton on,? she said.

?We just can?t wait for the baby to be born,? she said. ?I know Lleyton?s dying to teach it how to scream.?

With less than five months until birth, the baby appears happy and contented which, given its parentage, demonstrates that it is also already a better actor than its mother.

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