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Why I'll Never Go to Hollywood - Kate Ritchie

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Thank's Jess, just read it , My favorite parts were

So Kids are a part of your grand plan?

I've always said I'd love three because they'll fit neatly in the car!

I'm one of four My sister used to call me mum because I was so bossy.

We've seen Sally walk up the aisle twice.Does it make you yearn to get married in real life?

Ada and I were talking about this and we wondered whether it will feel less specail when we eventually choose out own wedding dresses because we've done it on the show.Sally had to prepare for two marriages and it's realy weird. I had to go through bridal magazine's and the make -up artists and the producer were asking me what flower's I'd like and how I'd like to wear my hair.

You've played Sally for 18 years- do you ever worry you'll be writen out?

I like it think that if I decide to leave the show or if they wrote me out that it would a positive thing.That said,I don't know what I'd do that first Monday morning without reading scripts and my schedule! I love being an actress.

Thanks again :D

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