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Tuesday 21 June 2005 - "Mother & Son"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Mother & Son?

OPENING CREDITS - Henry is GONE, (Tilly, Cassie & Ric are now together in that part the opening titles)

BEACH HOUSE - hayley tells Kimmy that she?s going to give her realtionship with Scott another chance. As hayley is saying tis, we see numerous snippets of josie & Scott pashing at Josie?s. Scott eventually breaks away, and josie is clearly disappointed when Scott exits.

OUTSIDE JOSIE?S FLAT - Scott gets in his Ute, but realises that he must have left his car keys in Josie?s Flat (I wondered why they made a point of showing that in the previous ep)

LEAH?S -in the kitchen, much hen?s & buck party talk is going on. Helen &Leah then bail, as peter enters. Dan takes offence to peter & Noelene?s continual sniping at each other. Dan tells them to sort things out/. Noelene thinks peter has always thought he was better than his parents (and the small town they lived in). After Noelene complains about peter not contacting them for years, peter responds by saying that Noelene never visited him whilst in coma. She says dan kept her informed, but peter insists that if dan had been in the coma, their parents would have been at his bedside in an instant. Peter insists that he doesn?t think his parents will ever think that he is good enough for them.

NOAH?S - Beth & alf talk about her 1-st shift at the bar and about the buck?s party tonight. Scott enters - and asks Beth for keys to their house - as he?s locked keys in car. Alf & bet are surprised when Scott suggests he won?t attend buck?s party. Scott alos comments that he?s just made the biggest mistake of his life.

BEACH - hayley talks to josie about the hen?s night. Josie says she probably won?t attend. Josie then tells hayley that she will attend - after Josie see Scott nearby.

NOAH?S - at buck?s party, Alf isn?t keen on Scott?s bad mood. Alf also I surprised that Jesse is drinking OJ (rather than alcohol). When talk turns t Dan?s age (almost 27). Alf is clearly thinking about how old he is.

LEAH?S - the hens party has began. Morag suggests the Martha?s idea for a party for Alf?s 60-th birthday. Hayley goes into kitchen follow by Leah. Hayley admits she really miss Scott.

NOAH?S - Kimmy comments about how much Scott?s had to drink. Scottt thinks Kimmy isn?t man enough to throw him out.

LEAH?S - Noelene wonders when the stripper will arrive at the party. Helen thinks that?s? vulgar. Meanwhile, Beth & Irene talk bout hayley/scott (as Josie listens in). In kitchen, Noelene is on phone (trying to order stripper) when Leah tells her the speeches is about to begin). When all are in lounge, sally give her speech - telling everyone of Leah?s fraught year (plane & car accidents etc) and the happiness Leah has found with dan. After a toast id raised. Noelene asks Colleen about Peter?s crush on Leah)

NOAH?S - dan isn?t keen on speeches, but Jesse insists on speaking. Jesse says that it?s great that dan & Leah have got together, as they are a GREAT couple etc. dan appreciates this. When alf suggests that scott shouldn?t have another drink, scott tells alf about the scott/josie kiss. Kimmy hears this, and he confronts Scott. Scott throws a punch at Kimmy - but he hits dan (black eye) instead.

LEAH?S - Helen gives her speech. She?s glad Leah?s found someone worthy of her. When speech over, Leah & Helen hug. A ?policeman? arrives - but all realise soon enough that he?s actually a stripper (I think sally ordered him). Whilst the stripper performs, only colleen seems to take offence.

NOAH?S - alf lectures Scott & Kimmy for their action. Alf tells scott to go home. Scott grabs a bottle of alcohol as he exits.

LEAH?S - most of the girls continue to enjoy the stripper?s antics. Hayley goes into the kitchen, follow by sally, hayley think Leah & Dan?s love has really inspire her to get back together with Scott.

BEACH - Scott is drinking when alf approaches. Scott insists he needs some alone time. Alf thinks Scott better be ready to eat humble pie tomorrow.

INTERCUT SCENE - Scott (beach) ring hayley (at Leah?s). Scott tells hayley that he?s V sorry - for kissing josie!!! Hayley is stunned.

LEAH?S - everyone?s enjoying the hen?s party when hayley enters the lounge room. She confronts joss about the kiss - and blames josie for it all. Hayley is in the middle of her verbal attack on josie, when hayley collapses (end of ep)


Hayley has to choose between her own life and that of her baby

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