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What's The Weather Like Where You Are?


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Am I the only person who loves winter? Here's why:

-You can put the heating on and snuggle in as many divets and things as you'd like

-You can have nice hot bubble baths without getting too warm.

-You've got the perfect excuse to say to parents 'It's too cold for me to go out, I might get a cold or something so how about I stay here and you go and visit dear old Auntie Vera. lol. (No she's not my aunt Vera, it was just a example. lol)

Although Summers wonderful too! :P:)

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Reasons I hate Winter.....

1. Cannot for the life of me get out of bed at 6:30am for work!

2. As soon as I get warm, I have to do something that will make me cold again

3. Find it increasingly hard to get warm, right now wearing a jacket, jumper, skivvy and singlet and still cold, with a fire behind me!

4. Can't wash the car cos my hands will freeze, and car gets dirty due to the rain (I have a brand new car that is black)

5. Gets too cold to go outside for a cigarette!

6. It is dark when I get up and leave for work, and it is dark when I get home at 6.30 in the evening!

Reasons I love Summer

1. Warmth!

2. I can actually get out of bed!

3. Washing the car is easier

4. I can stay outside after dark without freezing

5. I'm more active, and I can cool down easier than to get warm

6. Storms, storms and more storms, lightning rocks!

7. It is light when I get up for work, and still enough daylight left to enjoy the day when I get home at 6.30 in the evening!

8. It is easier to have an outdoor celebration without freezing

9. I can go outside and ENJOY my cigarette without freezing to death!

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