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What's The Weather Like Where You Are?


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Hmm another one where I had to think for a sec! Newcastle, Scotland or Newcastle NSW! :D

10-15! That's nothing! Wait until you have temperatures of -1 overnight! 10-15 is quite standard over here! (though you wouldn't think it at the mo!)

Speaking of which we're due for one hell of a storm tomorrow here! One months worth of rainfall in one day! But it's still not going to cool down all that much!

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Newcastle NSW, And yes Daniel Johns is from here. I remember in one interview, Daniel John's told the people of Newcastle to go ( Naughty work starting with F themselves). Then got forced to say sorry :o . I still have all of Silverchairs CD's though :D

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I flew to the Isle of Man on Thursday evening to stay with my dad. I stepped off the plane and for the first time ever, I wished for the British weather that I had just left behind! It was a little chilly, signalling the start of the storms of the next day! It was glorious both today and yesterday, though.

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