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Soapie Stars to Return Home

Guest Andy

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6 June 2005

Soapie stars to return home

HOME and Away is approaching its 4000th episode and producers intend to celebrate it in style.

They have enlisted several past performers, including Norman Coburn, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Kristy Wright (right) and Debra Lawrance.

The characters will flood Summer Bay during the week of July 4-8.

Also, this Thursday and Friday night, Lleyton Hewitt makes his cameo appearance on the show.

And talking of Hewitt, the timing of his and Bec Cartwright's nuptials is unfortunate.

The chosen date, July 21, is also Belgium's National Day.

We hope that won't rub salt in the wounds for Lleyton's Belgian ex, Kimmy Clijsters.

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Summer Bay Reunion

Inside Soap - UK

Home and Away will welcome back a wealth of former Summer Bay residents when it clocks up 4000 episodes in Australia this year.

Although we can't reveal the full list just yet, Inside Soap can confirm Debra Lawrance will be back as Pippa Ross, and Norman Coburn is returning as Donald Fisher. The stars, who left the bay in 1998 and 2003 respectively, will be on Aussie screens later in the summer, and on UK television just before Christmas.

Neighbours bosses are apparently fuming as Home and Away's reunion will air just two weeks before their 20th Anniversary Special.

Also set to reappear in the bay on a more long-term basis, is Kristy Wright, who played Chloe Fraser between 1995 and 1999. Chloe will return with her daughter, Olivia, after the young mum is forced to flee her current life in the city. Kristy's been busy during her time away from the soap, appearing in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as Motee

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I can't wait to see Norman again!! What a joy to look forward to. I will writ to him via the studio in the hope that he will get the letter! I have not ceased to think of him each day since the first week of the show in England. Yeah! Cheers, Margaret

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