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Friday 3 June 2005 - "Sally and Schapelle"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Sally and Schapelle?

SBH ? sally?s class is talking about various character motivations in a novel that the students are studying. Diesel compares the actions of the novel?s female lead to those of sally (leading the male on) and diesel is not happy when sally suggest that the male lead character mistook the actions of the female. Diesel also not like it when sally asks for the opinion of other students, whilst he is still trying to voice his point of view.

DINER ? Robbie & trash enter and they talk to Martha, who?s annoyed that she hasn?t been able to get a ticket to the Magic Dirt concert. . Kimmy enters, and shows Robbie & co that he?s been able to get tickets fro the concert because of his time with Macklins. Martha is keen to go, but Kimmy chooses Robbie for the 2-nd ticket. Tash & Martha decide to have a girly night instead.

SBH ? sally?s class ends and as the students are leaving, sally asks diesel to say behind. Dan then enters the room. Dan insists that he?s there to keep things above board (because of the KISS). Diesel insists that it?s clear (for sally?s actions) that she has feeling for her, but sally disconcurs.

HUNTER HOSUE ? Tilly (already wearing to rather showing earrings she plans to wear the concert) ask Beth if she can to the concert. Beth is rather annoyed with the late notice, and tells Tilly that she?ll have to think about it. Robbie & Kimmy enter ? and when Beth hears that Robbie has tickets to concert, she insists that he can only go IF he takes Tilly with him (and keeps an eye on her). Robbie isn?t keen but he agrees.

SBH ? sally tries to set diesel straight about her actions towards him (she was friendly etc out of concern for his as a teacher and a friend), but diesel insists that sally is denying her true feelings. Diesel tells Dan that sally kissed him ? before diesel bails.

NAER BEACH ? Dan approaches diesel, and diesel continues to tell HIS truth about the whole diesel/sally thing. Diesel insists that Dan is sure to side with sally in these matters (as Dan is a fellow teacher etc)

SURF CLUB ? Ric sees Calan, and tried to persuade him to leave the bay. Ric is disheartened when Calan answers his phone ? as its clear that Tilly is on the other end of the line. When the call ends, Ric tells Callan to stay away from Tilly. Callan then threatens to tell the police about what Ric did in the city ? which would ?destroy? Ric.

SBH ? Dan wants to go to Hyde about the diesel/sally situation but sally insists that she can convince diesel that these feeling are all in his head. Sally is also V worried about her career ? which she thinks will be OVER if this situation is revealed. Dan is adamant about telling Hyde, but Sally BEGS Dan not to say anything (see below for various implications.

DINER ? Ric & Cassie are talking about Tilly & Calan when Martha & tasha approach. When Ric hears that Martha wants to attend concert, he gives Martha & trash that tickets he won in that radio comp. Ric then tells Martha to keep an eye on Tilly & Callan whilst they are at the concert.

HUNTER HOUSE ? Robbie & Kimmy are talking about concert when trash & Martha arrive ? with tickets of their own. Martha & Kimmy then verbally spar once more. Tilly enters the room ? and all are intrigued by her choice of outfit (high heel shoes, short skirt, gold halter top over a black cami top) for a concert of this nature. As Robbie & co exit the house, tilly?s phone rings. When Tilly is off the phone, she insists (to Martha) to it was Emma she was talking to (but we KNOW tilly was talking to Callan)

OUTSIDE CONCERT VENUE ? Tilly takes advantage of more bickering between Kimmy & Martha to skip away from the others. Tilly sees Callan with some of his associates ? one of them refers to Tilly as (eye) candy. As tilly & Callan walks away for his ?friends? tilly thinks she can smell smoke ? Callan assure her that it probably just from all the cigarette smokers who are waiting to get into the concert (nice cover story ? see below). Nearby, Martha finally realises that Tilly isn?t with the group. A frantic search begins ? and Robbie is partic annoyed with Martha (because she was verbally sparring with Kimmy rather than looking out for tilly). Nearby, Callan & Tilly approaches his car. As Callan is putting something (illegal drugs) is the glove box, Tilly sees that tasha is approaching. Tilly gets into Calan?s car and hides (tilly drops her bag ? it goes underneath the car ? in the process). When trash has walks away, Tilly realises her bag (with the concert ticket) is missing. Callan suggests that they should go elsewhere to have their own fun.

DINER ? Dan enters and colleen talks to him about Leah. Colleen insists that Leah was placed in an impossible situation ? having to lie for a close friend etc. (note ? you can see from Dan?s face that he clearly realises that Leah was in the same situation with Jesse that Dan NOW is with sally)

NEAR BEACH ? Dan approaches Leah. Dan tells Leah that recent events have mad him see that Leah?s actions with Jesse were understanble etc. Leah is V happy when Dan gives he the engagement ring ? and she quickly puts it on her finger.

OUTSIDE CONCERT VENUE ? Robbie & the others are really annoyed that they can?t find Tilly anywhere. Robbie (& Kimmy) are further annoyed when Martha reveals what Ric told her ? and Martha?s revelations that Callan has a car does help her cause.

BUSHALAND ? Callan stops the car and he suggests that Tilly should try the drugs that he has. Tilly initially refuses, but she eventually caves.

VAN PARK HOUSE ?Hyde enters, and he tells sally that diesel has made accusations against her. Sally is shocked when Hyde says that she is suspended until further notice (note ? it seems that Sally, like Schapelle Corby, is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT)

BUSHLAND ? Tilly looks as though she?s been badly affected by the drugs. Callan tries to take advantage of tilly?s weakened state by suggesting that she should get more comfortable by tilting her seat back (it?s clear that Callan wants to ?sleep with? tilly, but tilly decides that she needs some air. Tilly gets out of the car ? and begins to walk away (she?s still clearly in a drug affected daze).

NEARBY ROAD ? Robbie is driving his car and he & Kimmy are arguing with Martha as Robbie is driving. Robbie & the others (inc. Tash) hear a THUD (no kangaroos jokes anyone). After Robbie quickly rings the car to a halt, kimmy & the others rush out of the car ? and are SHOCKED to see that Robbie had hit (at a pretty decent speed) TILLY !!!!!!! (end of ep)


The post crash actions of Robbie & the others threatens Tilly?s life ? looks like se gets REALLY ill after they don?t take her to the hospital straight away

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