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The Icon Thread

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9 NK...

something-magical2.png  something-magical1.png  something-magical3.png

waiting.png  herewithme.png  quick-step.png

moment2.png  moment1.png  friendship.png


Pretty. :D

You really like this pairing, don't you?

I always find that if you feel really strongly about something, you'll put your heart and soul into producing something related to it...

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Thanks :)

Well, they were undeniably more interesting than NH (2nd time around at least), and had the snark, and the fighting. And if Coral had her way and Amy wasn't axed I think they'd be together and both still on the show. Since Noah was only 'written into a corner' when she had to put him back with Hayley, when Kit was...

I'll stop now before the rant starts... starts more :lol: Oh, but... *plugs the NK site*.

These were relatively quick-ish actually. I just generally go way over the top with icon making anyway, pretty much just 'cause I'm so damn indecisive. I could quite easily make at least 10 icons from one cap :rolleyes:

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