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Thursday 27 May 2005 - "Crime Leads To Friendships Renewed"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Crime Leads To Friendships Renewed !!! ?

LEAH?S - The drunk Jesse pays no attention to Leah telling him to stop trying to kiss her, so Leah is forced to SLAP Jesse across the face. Jesse does stop - and Leah tells him to get out of her house. Jesse grabs his bags and leaves the house, but Colleen sees him exits Leah?s room and she doesn?t look happy.

HUNTER HOUSE - Martha tells Robbie & Tash that she?s thought of a great new scheme again the destruction of the Van Park. Despite Martha's secretiveness, Robbie & Tash agree to help her tomorrow. Martha exits - and Robbie comments that Martha is more secretive that an episode of ?LOST?. Robbie & Tash kiss, and as they do, Tilly enters the house - and she?s not looking the best

SURF CLUB - hayley farewells the last patrons from the bar for the night. Hayley locks up & she and Irene notice that the lights of the gym are on. Hayley opens the door - and she finds Kimmy asleep on the floor. The noise hayley made entering the gym wakes Kimmy up - and he tells her that he planned to have a short nap before cleaning up the gym for the night. Because Kimmy slept longer that expected, hayley & Irene offer to help - which Kimmy gladly accepts. As they are working, hayley & Kimmy talk about how stressful it is for Kimmy working 2 Jobs etc.

LEAH?S - it?s REALLY late at night and Leah is sitting in her bed. She?s crying about what has happened.

NEXT MORNING - Leah enters that kitchen and she suggests to colleen that they not mention that Jesse stayed at the house. Although she doesn?t say anything, colleen is clearly NOT impressed with Leah

BUSHLAND - Jesse awakes, and because he?s now sober, Jesse has several flashbacks of what he tried to do to Leah last night. Jesse is distraught because of this.

HUNTER HOUSE - Martha enters, as Scott exits. Robbie & Tash then exit the house with Martha - who still hasn?t revealed her protest plan. Tilly enters the room - and she still looks worse for wear. Henry comments that he knows that she wasn?t at emma?s last night. Henry then tells tilly that diesel only dumped tilly because he didn?t want her to see that house etc he lived in - but tilly acts as though she doesn?t care about diesel (note - henry is off course wrong about tilly/diesel, because of diesel?s attractions to sally). Tilly takes offence to henry going on about her bad girl attitude, and Tilly tells henry that she?s old enough to do whatever she wants to (go to party?s etc)

VAN PARK - Robbie, Tash & Martha arrive and Martha reveals her plan. She wants Robbie & Tash to help her put sugar in the fuel tanks of all the bulldozers. Robbie isn?t so keen, but he agrees to help - as he doesn?t want to ?loose? Tash again.

DINER - Jesse enters the kitchen and tries to apologise to Leah, who tells him to get lost. As Jesse exits the kitchen, colleen enters - colleen is still wary of Leah. Leah is then V surprised when dan enters the kitchen - he tells her conference was boring and he couldn?t wait to be with her again. Dan the wonders what Leah & colleen got up to last night - Leah insist it was a quiet night. Colleen looks as though she?s seething - but she doesn?t say anything.

HUNTER HOUSE - henry hears Tilly?s phone beep. He then accesses the new text message- it?s from Jason (the boy Tilly was with last night, not Craig as I thought). When Tilly enter the room, she?s annoyed that henry has read her text message - but henry is more interested in Jason texting the Tilly is a GREAT kisser. Henry also isn?t pleased when Tilly says that she was the only girl at the party. Tilly tells henry that she doesn?t want to be a baby all her life. As Tilly goes to her room, scoot & hayley enter the house. When they wonder about Tilly, she quickly voices her annoyance with henry?s attitude before Tilly continues going to her room. Scott & hayley then talks about their own issues, ie hayley tells Scott about Kimmy falling asleep as the gym. Scott comments (supportively) that he?d be working just as hard as Kimmy is if he was the father of the baby.

MACKLINS - Kimmy is about to sort through THAT box of van park stuff (inc. the REAL paternity results) when the phone rings. Kimmy tells the person who rang that he?ll be there as soon as possible (see below). Kimmy then exits - as the baby?s true paternity remains a mystery to all but ?Zoe?

DINER - Leah & dan are sitting at a table at the diner and telling the other how much in love they are (partic dan). Colleen beings them some food - and she?s still annoyed with Leah.

VAN PARK - Robbie, Tash & Martha have just finished puttitng sugar in all the bulldozer fuel tanks when Kimmy arrives. He sees the evidence of what they?ve done. Kimmy can?t believe they?ve done this - but Martha & Co insist they've got no choice - as the bushlands will be destroyed if they didn?t act. Kimmy tries to make Robbie, Tash & Martha see things form his perspective - but they aren?t interested. Martha & Co wonder what Kimmy will do, and after they walk away, Kimmy does begin to ring someone.

DINER - Leah, in the kitchen, confronts colleen about her attitude. Colleen says that she doesn?t appreciate Leah cheating on dan like she did last night. When Leah enquires, colleen says that she saw Jesse go into Leah?s room last night - and assumed that Jesse & Leah rekindles their relationship. An astonished Leah tells colleen that Jesse DID try to kiss Leah, but Leah fought Jesse off and told him to leave. Colleen apologises for thinking the way she did. Meanwhile, Robbie, Martha & Tash enter the main area of the diner where they encounter Kimmy. Robbie wonders what happened - and Kimmy says that he phoned the demolition company and informed them of what happened. Tash thanks that the demolishers will tell Brett who?ll call the police. Kimmy insists that he convinced the demolishers that what happened is a serious security breech that Brett wouldn?t like (and they loose their job). Robbie & Tash can?t believe that Kimmy is being so reasonable about this - and they suggest that they want to end the animosity. Kimmy suggests that they can be friends again esp. if Tash moves back home. Tash says she?ll seriously thinks about it - but as Robbie & Tash exit, Martha insists that she still HATES Kimmy and everything the Macklins are doing.

NOAH?S - Hayley sees that henry isn?t? very cheerful. Hayley asked henry what?s up - and he tells hayley about Tilly?s new attitude etc.

BEACH HOUSE - Tash enters, and it takes a while, but the busy Irene eventually realises that Tash is asking her if she can live at the beach house again. Tash insists that Irene was right - families should stick together no matter what happens.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly enters the living room, and she starts crying about what?s happened, ie the way she?s been hanging out with the likes of Jason when, supposedly, diesel only isn?t interested in her because of HIS living conditions etc. (note - I don?t want to know what will happen when tilly finds out about diesel and sally).

BEACH - colleen approaches Jesse/. She gives him a verbal barrage about the pain he?s causing Leah (and dan)

LEAH?S - Dan answers knock at door. It?s Jesse who apologises for all the trouble he caused when he stayed at Leah'? place last night. Dan is GOBSMACKED !!! (end of ep)


Dan tells Leah their engagement is OFF,

and what will happen if hayley & Co discover that truth about the baby.

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