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Lol yeah, I like Dot too.

I like her interacting with the younger people like Ben & Abi.

Ben normally irritates the hell out of me but he's been alright recently. I just wish he'd be less whiney, lol.

I don't know what else they can do with Preeti. They need to let us get to know her a bit more, rather than just have her fancying Mickey. That's the only thing we really know about her character. Give us a bit of her background or something.

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Thats so true about preeti... they haven't really explored her character or given us much background on her... all we have seen of preeti is her big crushes on the east end boys... bradley, mickey and remember when she first arrived she was in to sean slater too!

Apart from her almost stalkerish desperate behaviour towards the boys, all she does is be a complete doormat... how can anyone be so silly and let people treat her like that all the time... it's not realistic!

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Yeah, I quite like the Cindy storyline too.

What I don't like though is the stupid bits where they try to make out like it's Jane and stuff.. things like that are so annoying when it's so obviously not Jane!

I bet I'll end up looking back on this post in a few weeks time and I'll have been proved wrong!

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So who was the lad then that they showed us to be the stalker? Is is Stephen, ian's son?

As soon as Ian said "No, it can't be!" That's exactly who I thought it was! He hasn't seen Stephen in years. Stephen left years ago because he didn't want to stay with Ian when he found out that he wasn't his real dad!

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