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omg, i can't believe what just happened!!

Omg, i screamed so loud! The minute bradley climbed up on top of the buildings, i knew what was going to happen!

I'm still actually in shock, I can't believe it happened!

And that Stacey was the one who killed archie! :o

Fantastic acting from all the actors involved! Really great!

I'm just in so much shock right now! I never expected that to happen!

Brilliant episode!! Look forward to seeing the aftermath!

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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! kjsdghfkjadshkjhadsfhkladjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mashing the keyboard in shock)

I knew it could potentially be Stacey, but I didn't realise how shocked I would be by it. It makes the most sense and causes the biggest tragedy with Bradley dying. If Bradley died and anyone else besides Stacey were Archie's killer it wouldn't have the same tragic impact. I reckon Bradley knew Stacey had done it and he killed himself on purpose to protect her by making it look like he killed Archie. She probably told him everythingin her bedroom when they were packing their bags.

On a separate note - Archie raped Ronnie, and was probably Dannielle's real father????!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so evil, I'm actually glad Stacey murdered him.

Eastenders is without a doubt the grimmest, most misery-filled show on TV.

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Wow! The acting was really good. LOL at Jack fluffing his lines and Max trying to be sick.

I don't think Jack did too badly, Scott Maslen he must have been so nervous, he recovered quite well. Ronnie got some of her lines wrong as well, she repeated herself on purpose while she tried to remember what to say next. Max "gagging" was hilarious, he clearly stuck his fingers down his throat! Also, Bradley's fingers moved a bit after he died. They all did a fantastic job though, the actors and the crew. Everyone's hair, make-up and wardrobe looked exactly the same as last night, even though last night's episode was probably filmed before Christmas.

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I reckon Bradley knew Stacey had done it and he killed himself on purpose to protect her by making it look like he killed Archie.

Yeah, I think Stacey told him when they were packing (could have been before). I think this because before he jumped he yelled 'run Stacey!' And it would make no sense for him to just yell that if she didn't do anything. :blink:

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What a brillient epi!!!

eastenders is the best soap i think and i think most people would agree!!

just awesome!!

did not expect stacey at tall!! just an OMG moment!!

and poor bradley i was neally crying just awesome:)

one of their bes ever epi's!!

and can u hate a character even more when they are dead coz i hate archie!! for raping poor roonnie:( i was like OMG!!

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Well, that was rather shocking! :o I didn't really expect to be Stacey, simply because I thought that she would have been one of the more obvious killers. I really wanted Sean to come back though... I think that would have been really interesting, but the more I think about it, Stacey as the killer was probably the right way for the writers to go. Towards the end I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the murderer to be revealed but after Bradley had died :( I knew it was someone connected to Bradley (Stacey, Max, Jack..) Lacey Turner's acting was absolutely amazing! She is a great actress and I can't wait to see the next few episodes to see what happens next. There was no evidence to show that Lacey was ill at all, but I was a little dissapointed that she couldn't be on the aftermath show to see what she thought about it all, however I hope she gets better soon. :)

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