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I agree. They always exaggerate far too much on one character so that the audience will believe that it is them, but it turns out to be someone completely different. I don't think it would be Janine, that would be a lot more obvious then Bradley. :P I really hope that it isn't Stacey's friend, she isn't particularly one of my favourite characters and it just wouldn't be exciting if it was her...

Friday is bound to be a good episode though, I'll be expecting them to confuse us by making it seem as if it is one person and then changing it to another - just like the Heather and her baby storyline.

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Oh yes, I did actually forget about that for a while - or just wasn't bothered about it anymore. The storyline really gets on my nerves, probably because I don't like Lucas but I just wish that they would get it over and done with...storylines like that shouldn't be dragged out that long, unless they are actually going to be worth the wait such as Archie's murder.

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