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^ Well apparently not happening. It's been denied by an EE spokesperson. :)

'Enders denies Bradley suicide plot

EastEnders bosses this morning refuted rumours that one of the show's much-loved characters is to commit suicide during the soap's live 25th anniversary episode.

A tabloid newspaper today claimed that Bradley Branning - played by 22-year-old Charlie Clements - will stun the residents of Walford by leaping off a building and plummeting to his death in "one of the most heart-breaking soap goodbyes ever".

However, a spokesperson for the soap this morning told DS: "We will not comment on Bradley's exit storyline other than to say he does not commit suicide."

Back in November, Clements announced his decision to quit EastEnders after nearly four years in the role of Bradley.

At the time, executive producer Diederick Santer said: "I can promise a big exit for the character."

The BBC soap's live 25th anniversary episode will air on Friday, February 19 and feature the 'Who Killed Archie?' reveal.


That would have been awesome (not that I want Bradley to leave in a coffin 'cos I'd rather the door left open for his character to be able to return in the future for a Stacey/Bradley SE storyline), but as a singular SL it would have been awesome. EE are always great with drama, plus this issue is so taboo & ofcourse Charlie is a great actor and could really pull it off. Ahh well, his exit will still be amazing I'm sure.

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First, I'd like to say Anaya, I love your av! :wub:

Also regarding your post, I'd love to know where the mag got the rumour in the first place. I have a feeling there's more to that story than we know!

Second, Devon, I totally agree with you. Becca really annoys me already but her character had to be brought in for some reason and what you said is a very likely reason.

I just hope none of these are true! :(

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I've just seen the news that

Kat and Alfie are heading back to Walford later this year. I'm so happy that they are bringing back both Shane and Jessie as they were my fave couple in Eastenders.

Also, really looking forward to the big reveal of who actually killed Archie, can't wait for the 19th now. Still haven't got a clue who really did it, i keep changing my mind about who i think the culprit is. This week my money's on Jack :lol:

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