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Wow....omg, Bradley's statement to Max in front of everyone tonight!! :unsure:

I was not liking where it was going....am afriad now that he is

going to admit he killed Archie!

From what he said it sounded like a mistake though!

I have my fingers crossed that it'll be something completely different but I've a feeling it won't! :(

Well Bradley just tells everyone

that he had a one night stand with Stacey 3 months ago whilst he was Syd just as a cover up!

I don't like Glenda, she's definetly hiding something <_< but I haven't a clue what it could be :lol: .

Glenda is hiding the fact that

she has a secret son! she had him not long after she left Archie and the girls over 20 years ago! . His name is Danny Mitchell . She confesses all to Ronnie after Ronnie tracks her down when she does a runner

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^^ Aww, that's so sweet about Jo Joyner's babies! Congrats to them! :D

I was so glad in tonight's episode that Roxy got left the Vic! She really deserved it I think!

Also thrilled that Archie left Amy such a substantial amount of money!

What he left to and said about Janine in his will was so funny! She deserved every bit of it though! She's always been a horrible person!

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Congrats Jo (:

Yeah I too was happy Roxy got left the pub, I think she was always the most loyal to her father and ultimately did love her dad very much.

Didn't like Glenda one bit though, I knew she had come back for the money, all the other stuff she seemed to spin out her mouth was a load of sap! She's had 20 years to try and make it up to her "girls" and then her ex husband millionnaire pegs and shes back in a flash! <_<:rolleyes:

Laughed when Janine cried :lol: she deserved it. And Ryan deserves better then her!

Also if Jane wants to adopt so badly... why doesn't she adopt Ian's Kids... after all she loves them like they are her own and so it seems a little bit I don't know Silly? adopting a little person you have connection to rather then the kids you've raised for years as your own.

I don't know! :rolleyes:

Something is telling me Braders killed Archie :unsure: because he's meant to leave in Feb, reeeally hope not... I love him and Stacey! They are the new Ricckkaaay & Bianca in waiting!

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I'm starting to get tired of Janine's amazing ability to move from one scam to the next...within minutes she'd moved on from trying to get the Vic to blackmailing Ian.

Though I like Glynis Barber - I find Glenda REALLY ANNOYING!!

I'm really lookin' forwards to seeing Max and Bradley going into partnership.

Apparently, Roxy sacks Janine (yay) and puts them in charge of the car lot.

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Tweety annoyed the hell out of me tonight. You can tell she hates the fact that Roxy has all the power now, and she is no longer queen bee of the Vic.

Yeah she really p**sed me off in tonights episode as well. She is treating Glenda so unfairly and really I just think she is jealous that she is Ronnie & Roxys mother. Oh you can tell she hates that Roxy now owns the Vic and to be honest I did feel quite sorry for her.

I am so over Bradley and Stacey! I just wish i9t would hurry up and his exit would play out. They have ruined them as a couple way too much for me to like them. First he forced an abortion on her, then he threw it back in her face saying the reason he made her have an abortion is because he couldn't bare the idea of raising a child with her. Then she has an affair which developed into love with his father and we all know what this lead to.Then after ages and ages of being apart they finally reunited but after a few months back together she went chasing after the first bit of sex she could get with Callum and now suddenly there all such a perfect love story. Really they should have just decided enough was enough because shes too selfish to have a proper relationship she wants everything and and anything. I do like Stacey now though because shes come past a lot of stuff but really I am just not feeling the whole Bradley/Stacey love....

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