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As for who killed him, i'm not sure, but with both




both leaving in February and that's when we find out who did it i'm guessing it was one of them, or they will take the rap for one of their loved ones.

Peggy isn't leaving in Feruary!

She will be still onscreen for the most part of 2010 :)

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I wouldn't mind if the murderer was Janine, Peggy or possibly Sam. Janine has killed before (Barry if I recall), Peggy is due to leave and I cannot stand Sam.

I preferred it when Kim Medcalf played the part... she was much better and I didn't mind the character.

Seriously loving Bianca & Rickkkky at the moment, and of course Bradley and Stacey.

Thought Phil was funny tonight, I actually laughed at the TV.

1 question though.... Why on earth was Shirley walking Baby George past a murder investigation? Use your noggins writers!

I know... someone will come back with "So she could speak to Phil..." But still it bugged me. :rolleyes:

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I'm putting my money on Sam or Bradley.

Sam - She seemed to be the only one who wasn't showed much on that episode. This could have been done to make us think it she didn't do it. And also, Sam is leaving also.

Bradley - The actor is leaving in February (:(), when we are due to find out.

I think it could be Sam more than Bradley though. I'm praying it was her. Get rid of her. I think everyone else is too obvious. But then again, I could be wrong.

Can't wait for Syed and Amira's wedding now :D

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