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Did anyone see the episode centred mainly around Biance and Ronnie, and then odd bits Dot. i really enjoyed it! Bianca always makes me laugh and her singing along to 'Wonderwall' was funny! it was a great episode cos you would never put the two characters together normally

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Daniella Westbrook returns next week, Friday the 4th of September, (I reckon she will appear at the end of the episode, just before the credits) What do you think of the promotion thats been shown recently for her return? Should be good, looks intresting, and with the things I've read what will happen when she's back.

I did like Kim, when she was Sam, but because both Sid and Patsy are both in the show, I think its good that Daniella is back, I remember watching it, with all the Ricky/Bianca/Sam stuff, back when Daniella was in it

I never liked Sam (either actress) so I'm not looking forward to it, but the storyline potential is huge and if they do something interesting with her it could be good. I do think it's slightly insulting to Kim Medcalf that they're bringing Daniella back though - they're blatantly doing it because Daniella will bring in so much publicity. Personally I think they should have asked Kim first, then if she said no they should have left it at that. She played Sam really well for years and to ignore the fact that she was ever there is a little unfair.

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Just have to commend Lacey Turner on her fabulous performance in tonights episode, and for this fabulous storyline that sees Stacey battling bi polar disorder. Im glad she won best actress, she totally deserves it on tonights performance alone :)

Agreeed. She was sooo convincing :D Well Done Lacey

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EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell is to be killed off at Christmas, sparking another Walford murder mystery.

The Albert Square schemer, played by veteran actor Larry Lamb, will meet a grisly end in the Queen Vic after plotting to take over the pub with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) for months.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is expected to emerge as the prime suspect in the case. Fans have already seen the hardman threatening Archie due to his treatment of Mitchell matriarch Peggy (Barbara Windsor).

Archie's co-conspirator Janine is also being tipped as a likely perpetrator. She bumped off her husband Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in a memorable 2004 plotline.

Meanwhile, Mitchell sisters Roxy (Rita Simons) and Ronnie (Samantha Womack) have disowned their father due to his roguish ways.

A source told The Sun: "Since Archie first arrived in Walford he's managed to lie, cheat and manipulate everyone around him. Over the next few months he is set to get even worse - so it's fair to say he's made enemies of enough people who'll be glad to see the back of him."

Lamb first hinted at a gruesome end for Archie in an interview with DS last month, saying: "It's all going very wrong. I think he's involved himself in some deep, dark stuff and I've got the beginnings of an inkling of an idea that it's all about to turn terribly nasty for Archie."

The actor joined EastEnders in March 2008 and his character quickly began to cause fireworks within the Mitchell clan.

This should be good to watch :D

Source - Digital Spy

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