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Okay guys so did Tanya actually mow down Max or is she covering for someone ??

Also Archie is really bugging me at the moment why the hell does he have to be so mean and controlling.I mean not telling Sean was not nice and he saw how upset Roxy was when he didnt show up.But Im happy that when Sean tries to explain that Archie didnt contact him when Roxy asked him Ronnie believes him and then Ronnie will try and get Roxy to see some sense.

I cant wait for him to be gone because somebody needs to take him down a peg or 2.

Im not really liking Suzy either and im liking the battle for Phil between her and Shirley.It was good tonight I thought Shirley was going to give her a smack :lol:

I actually thought Roxy was going to confess to sleeping with Jack but then she bottled out of it.Im sure it will all come out at Xmas though which should be good TV.

I read that the whole paedophilia storyline comes out before Xmas as well so I cant wait for that to happen it should be good to see how Bianca reacts to it all.Id like to see her lash out and kill Tony by accident.

The whole Ronnie/Danielle thing should be good when it comes eventually but Id say it will be around January or February.

Ooh theres so much waiting to happen so I guess ill just have to wait for it I suppose.Im, sure they will all explode in usual Eastenders fashion.

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I just read this, posted as spoiler cause was'nt sure if ok just to post artical as it is a slight spoiler. its nice though.

EastEnders favourite John Bardon is to make another return to the BBC soap on

Christmas Day.

The 69-year-old, who plays Jim Branning, suffered a stroke in June last year and has since been undergoing an intensive rehabilitation programme.

He filmed his first post-stroke appearance in June this year, which was seen by over 8.5m people in August.

Last month, it was reported that he had made another return to Elstree Studios - home of EastEnders - to film a further episode. It has since transpired that he has filmed a brief appearance due to be aired at the beginning of next month, in addition to an episode which sees Jim celebrating Christmas Day with his family on the Square.

Speaking to Scotland's Larnarkshire FM, Walford veteran June Brown, who plays Bardon's on-screen wife Dot Branning, said: "He came back not long ago and he's done two episodes so far. His birthday episode which has come out [already] and then he's done another one which is Christmas day – I don't know if I should say that but it's not really that secret, is it? – and we've tried to make it more jolly, not so bloomin' dreary."

She added: "We have a bit of a laugh and I think it'll be nice

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