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The new Bec?

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The new Bec?

From The Eye, Herald Sun

May 26 2005

THE hunt is on for an actor to step into the shoes of Home and Away character Hayley Smith.

The part is being vacated by a pregnant Bec Cartwright in just a matter of weeks and execs are desperate to find someone as lovable and popular as the Gold Logie nominee.

Nearly 100 girls have been auditioned in Melbourne and Sydney with callbacks due next week and a decision soon after that.

We hear X Factor finalist Gemma Purdy was one of the lucky girls who got an audition, but there's no word on how successful she was.

The petite blonde, who was Victoria's only contestant on the talent search, is apparently under some demand from the major networks, who think she has potential in the acting field.

Seems the 16-year-old was unperturbed by her early exit from X Factor and is excited by the new opportunities in the television industry.

Her X Factor performances were very theatrical.

Her rendition of Bjork's It's Oh So Quiet was voted the best performance of the whole show in an internet survey.

She has also auditioned for Neighbours' long-term casting agent, Jan Russ, and is being managed by Ralph Carr, who also manages Purdy's on-screen mentor, Kate Ceberano.

We hear Purdy hasn't given up her dreams of music stardom altogether but might be thinking about a slow development as she is still so young.




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Shes too young, especially with the current storyline, shed be laughed off screen.

And as for Lara Cox, GIVE IT A REST!!! I reckon she'd wreck the role (no offence she just wouldnt suit it). Is anyone else getting P****D off by the constant 'if it doesnt go to lara cox', if lara cox doesnt get it', lara cox would be great' lines being put on here? Because i sure am!

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...............and who is lara cox again?

As for the above actress, l dont think she looks like the right person to take the role....they need to be a little older with the storyline that is happening. IMO

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